Back Again? Maybe

I have not blogged in months.

Energy levels are low. And blogging monthly on the Deaths during the Troubles (Decade of Half Centenaries) was depressing …at times at a very personal level.

Also the Stormont Election in May was so depressing that it felt like a bereavement, especially the SDLP falling from 12 seats to 8 seats and basically also rans. It was the death of an old and much loved friend.

This Blog has been running since 2011. I will never re-capture the glory days of 2013-2016. But I am surprisingly optimistic.

It will be as much a journal as a Blog….at times about History or Travel as much as narrow Politics. I have done quite a lot of writing for other platforms, notably in United States but many reading this will be familiar with comments made on Slugger O’Toole. Often I have written anecdotes from my life from pre-school in the 1950s.

When I started “Keeping An Eye on the Czar of Russia” in 2011, I was 59 years old. I am now 70 so the next decade is quite probably my last active decade before I shuffle off to the great Blogosphere in the Sky.

It is really a legacy to my children.

So lets see what happens.

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1 Response to Back Again? Maybe

  1. Paul Davies says:

    Nice to see you again, I’ve missed you. I enjoy your insights, and perspective, although I must say that I can get lost in your political reporting, and the complexities of the local issues.But I like the sound of your voice. They tell me that 70 is the new 60 (whatever that means).

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