Decade Of Half Centenaries: Deaths April 1972

There were maybe 20 Troubles-related deaths in April 1972.

British Army: Seven. Two were killed by the (Provisional) IRA and five (including four in Derry) were killed by the Official IRA.

Ulster Defence Regiment. One man was found murdered at side of the road in County Armagh. The murderers were Provisional IRA.

Republicans: Three IRA men died in a garage in Bawnmore North Belfast when a bomb they were making exploded prematurely. Joe McCann aleader in the Official IRA was shot dead by the British Army in the Markets area of Belfast.

Civilians: One man was “executed” as an informer by IRA in West Belfast. An 8 year old girl was killed “accidently” by IRA during a gun battle in North Belfast and an elderly Protestant was killed in an IRA bomb in Ballymoney, County Antrim.

An elderly man (86) was killed by the British Army as he looked out his window in Divis Tower and an 11 year old boy was killed by a rubber bullet fired by the British Army. Another Catholic civilian was killed by the British Army in West Belfast.

The other civilian deaths (a Catholic walking on Falls area and a Catholic taxi driver) were both killed by loyalists.

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2 Responses to Decade Of Half Centenaries: Deaths April 1972

  1. Sdlp supporter says:

    Sorry to see SDLP did not pick up a seat in Strangford in the 2022 election as that was one of the most important targets.

    • I still feel bereaved. Not too strong a word.
      Typically SDLP are conducting a post mortem.
      Two things.
      1 the person/persons conducting the “what went wrong” review wont ask me.
      2. They wont blame themselves.
      Certainly they deserved to do better and I am sorry for Dolores, and Pat. Also Nicola, Conor Houston, Paul Doherty…..and good candidates like Elsie and Deirdre.

      The narrative will be that SF played the First Minister card and Alliance played the “only moderates in the village card.
      But it overlooks the point that SDLP had one job only…WIN.
      And they have manifestly failed to do so.
      Feeling sympathy for party members is one thing. but I feel sorry also for a lot of ex-members (and I now include myself) who have been broken by the Leadership.
      I have tried to write a post expressing how I feel but I am just TOO ANGRY.

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