The Oscars

So “Belfast” was nominated for seven Oscars and one just one…Best Original Screenplay for “Sir” Kenneth Branagh, our very own actor/director/writer “luvvie”.

Being nominated for seven Oscars and winning just one is an anti-climax.

Officially the category is “Best Original Screenplay” but the reality is that this is an Oscar for “”Best Make Up”.

Norn Iron suffers from a near fatal skin condition called Sectarian Hatred. It is treated by applying inordinate amounts of “concealer” to cover the ugly blemishes.

This is how Norn Iron is supposed to work…a glorified theme park…the Titanic, Game of Thrones, Giants Causeway (don’t mention that some of our government ministers say it is only 6,000 years old) and “almost parity of esteem”.

Sir Ken says Belfast is a magnificent city. Well, it is not. He says the people are wonderful. Well…there is my good self. But apart from me…Belfast people are awful.

“Belfast” is a worthy project. Something made from a sense of duty and Branagh’s nostalgic affection. In the long run, it is not very significant.

I may not like Ricky Gervais. But in his excellent series “Extras” where famous actors play exaggerated and uncomplimentary versions of themselves, he highlighted worthy movie projects.

An exaggerated Kate Winslett…playing a Second World War nun helping refugees escape from the Nazis…says she is only involved because this is the kinda movie that gets an Oscar.

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2 Responses to The Oscars

  1. hoboroad says:

    Didn’t one of Kenneth Branagh’s relatives blow himself up with his own bomb? It’s funny how that is not brought up the way Stephen Rea’s marriage to one of the Price Sisters was anytime he made a film about the troubles.

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