Chris Rock

I had only vaguely heard of Chris Rock before the Oscars incident where Will Smith went on stage and slapped him.

Mr Rock seems to be one of those “roast comedians” like Ricky Gervais who says outrageous things while his targets are supposed o sit there and ¹smile.

I am really surprised at the outrage.Will Smith has made a tearful apology. And there are calls that Will Smith should be stripped of his Oscar.

Maybe I am wrong…tone deaf to the suffering of victim, Chris Rock. But Chris Rock is not so much a comedian as a smartass. There is nothing cutting edge about being an overpaid bully.

Now if Mr Rock was brave, he might try making a joke about a member of Liam Neesons family. Liam Neeson knows how to find Chris Rock. So he does.

Quite possibly I will be nominated for an Oscar. My original Screenplay “Belfast Is Crap…So It Is” will be in a movie theatre near you.

I might have to sit thru Chris Rock taking fun of my wife. Unlike Will Smith and Liam Neeson, I am a wee old man. So I can’t really do much. On the other hand, my wife would go onstage and tear his head off his shoulders.

She is a Clonard girl.

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2 Responses to Chris Rock

  1. hoboroad says:

    Mr and Mrs Smith’s marriage is a open relationship both parties have engaged in sexual relationships with other people. Does defending ones wife honour count in such a situation? Chris Rock is in a film called Good Hair a documentary about how important hair is to black women. I think it was all a set up the cops are not interested in charging Will Smith and Mr Rock says he is not interested in doing so. Mr Rock is more street than Mr Smith. I notice it is mostly comedians that are most upset about the assault on Mr Rock it seems some do believe than you can say what you like on stage and have no consequences.

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