Dr Johnson and Boswell…Norn Iron Style

I have always been surprised by the number of times, Mick Fealty quotes Newton Emerson.

But oddly today, I was thinking of James Boswell and his old mucker, Dr Samuel Johnson.

Has Mick Fealty quoted Emerson more times than Boswell quoted Johnson?

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2 Responses to Dr Johnson and Boswell…Norn Iron Style

  1. hoboroad says:

    If I was a Protestant Socialist Working Class voter who abhorred violence from any quarter who would I vote for? Not the Ulster Unionists or the DUP certainly not the TUV and definitely not the PUP. That’s the problem with Unionist Parties in the Six Counties. Young Protestants who are about to reach voting age are interested in the environment and other issues.

    • Claire Hanna says that party membership is not about the “perfect fit”…its about the “best fit”.
      I think thats the same with voting.
      We all vote in accordance with our principles and self interest.
      I suppose many young Protestants will vote Green and Alliance.

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