“We Will Do Everything Possible To Assist Ukraine” …Boris Johnson

If the first casualty of war is the Truth, then surely the second casualty is “Words”.

Aside from the fact that Boris Johnson is a committed liar, I wonder if Volodymyr Zelensky is impressed by Boris Johnson’s message that Britain will do everything possible to assist Ukraine.

At first sight “everything possible” is pretty unambiguous but does Johnson mean “EVERYTHING possible” or “everything POSSIBLE”.

If it is “EVERYTHING” then this means boots on the ground and a no-fly zone.

If it means “everything POSSIBLE” then really it means “NOTHING”.

I am not convinced by standing ovations for ambassadors from Ukraine in the United States Congress or in the Westminster Commons. Wearing yellow and blue ribbons is the ultimate in gesture politics.

Of course Politics might be the Art of the Possible but I am not sure how that applies here.

The narrative is that Zelensky, the heavyweight boxers and the ordinary people of Ukraine are very brave and holding out against all the odds. There is also the fact that the Ukrainians are winning the propaganda battle.

But there is also a narrative that Putin expected all this to be over in two or three days.

I get the impression that the “West” also wanted a quick war. Obviously a long drawn out war causes more casualties. But Ukrainian defiance has also surprised Biden, Johnson, Macron and the rest. A long war increases the chances of misteps in Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

However supportive the NATO and European Union APPEAR to be….they are conscious that they are now following public opinion. I saw this on one of those new, fancy telephone kiosks in Mary Street, Dublin last night.

We are now in the position that western governments are following public opinion.

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7 Responses to “We Will Do Everything Possible To Assist Ukraine” …Boris Johnson

  1. hoboroad says:

    The British don’t have a army 90000 soldiers and 200 tanks the Russians have thousands. They don’t really have a Navy or Airforce either like the police cuts you can only blame the Tories for the cutbacks. The Americans could intervene but don’t want to Biden was elected not to get involved in anymore foreign entanglements. Israel and Saudi Arabia are on the Russians side. China can’t decide who’s side it’s on they want Taiwan back and if Vlad gets his way on this I would not rule that out. All in all a absolute disaster for the West and watch out for Estonia and Latvia they will be the dominos next to fall to Russia.

  2. hoboroad says:

    And well done to Mick Fealty who has finally found some Nationalists in Europe he can give 100% support.

    • I think Slugger is now under Joint Authority.
      Mr Fealty still doing what he does.
      And Brian O’Neill stepping up for nationalists.
      Slugger has been thru some changes and lost a few prominent veterans.

  3. benmadigan says:

    “The narrative is that Zelensky, the heavyweight boxers and the ordinary people of Ukraine are very brave and holding out against all the odds.”

    Former actor president Zelensky is now starring as the National Hero, who creates a Legend for his People.
    Am I the only one that thinks he might try suing for a truce/peace-making to save his people’s lives? And work out what he’s prepared to concede? Because it looks like he’s going to have to concede east of the Dnieper or lose the whole Ukraine.

    Instead the Ukrainian Government cast of the the latest international re-make of The Legend make impossible demands of the West like No Fly Zones, NATO Boots on the Ground, Immediate EU membership

    • I honestly don’t know. It is unprecedented.
      The strange thing is he is a hero to ordinary people in the west. But increasingly western political leaders will look on him as a nuisance.

  4. hoboroad says:

    I’m surprised that the Americans are not comparing him to another actor turned President who stood up to a Evil Empire. Of course the most recent Screen Actors Guild card holder to sit in the Oval Office is 100% on Putins side.

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