Politics For (Ventriloquist) Dummies

I notice a strange similarity between Politicians (specifically) Theresa May and Ventriloquists.

If you recall Ray Alan, Terry Hall and Keith Harris spoke thru “Lord Charles”, “Lenny the Lion” and “Orville”. Look them up on Wikipedia. The trick was to make the audience look at the “dummy” so that they didn’t see the ventriloquist move his lips.

Of course nobody is really fooled by a “Vent”. The audience is part of the conceit.

The brilliant Morcambe and Wise subverted this. Eric would appear on stage and talk back and forth with his “dummy”, talking loudly and making no attempt to stop his lips moving. When Ernie pointed out that “we can all see your lips move”, Eric explained that the “dummy” cant really talk “I have to do it all for him”.

Which brings me to politicians and Theresa May.

She is involved in negotiations. So… the electorate joins the conceit. The role of the electorate is to believe she is genuine.

Theresa has gone on the road. She plays theatres in Brussels, Dublin, Belfast, Berlin and occasionally playing the Westminster Palladium. But like Morcambe and Wise, she is subverting the traditional act.

The traditional act involves a veneer of honesty and integrity. But in her daily appearances at a lectern, she has abandoned this. She says something different, depending on the audience.

Next time she appears at a press conference, I hope someone gives her a glass of water. Can she say “goggle of geer”?

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