A Special Kind Of Hell For…”

I daresay that most people reading this will have heard a sentence that has begun “There must be a special kind of Hell for…”. Maybe some of us have used the phrase.

There is a context. When I have used the phrase “There must be a special kind of Hell for”  the man in woman in my bank who says that they are happy to take my phone call and then present me with six options 1-6 none of which seem to be what I want.

To be clear, I have not really wished anything horrible to happen to the staff in my bank. A special place in Hell is the ultimate punishment and clearly we do not wish this for anyone other than Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot and Margaret Thatcher.

So I don’t suppose that Donald Tusk really wants brexiteers who voted to leave the EU without a credible plan to roast in the fiery flames of Hell.

What he was doing was simply expressing the same frustration that I feel when I phone my bank.

So the bizarre spectacle of Angela Loathsome er Ledsome, Peter Bone and Mark Francois pretending that they are upset and demanding an apology is laughable. Ledsome can get a bit personal (ask Theresa May) and Bone has appeared on satire show “Have I got News For You”.

Essex Boy Francois is a bit of an oddity. His Blimp like demeanour reflects that he was an officer in the Territorial Army and he pontificates like a golf club bore. Indeed he looks like he thought he was filling in an application form to be Assistant Secretary at a second rate golf club….and accidently became Member of Parliament for a safe Tory seat.

Still Tusk has written tomorrows headlines in Tory newspapers. I suppose the most obvious pun will be “Take Him To Tusk Theresa”. As I write this The Daily Mail, The Sun and the Daily Express will have already decided their headline.

I don’t suppose Donald Tusk cares.

He was of course talking about people who have manifestly not thought thru the consequences of Brexit. With just fifty days to go, he has actually proven his point. The Brexiteers will use his words as an excuse to further deflect from the incompetence.

Unless the EU are playing a very complex game, it looks like there are no further negotiations possible. And hard to see Theresa May, who visits Brussels tomorrow getting any concessions.

Arguably Tusks words will embolden the Tory Right to reject any deal.

Yet Britain needs the deal more than Europe. Maybe Tusk, Barnier and Juncker just want to add a little humiliation.


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2 Responses to A Special Kind Of Hell For…”

    • I see Guy Van Voorstadt (sp) has said that Satan wouldn’t want them as they would divide Hell. This is more or less what de Gaulle was saying over fifty years ago.
      I think that this underscores the contempt that EU has for Britain. And its a message to May that there is no “re-negotiation”.

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