The Campaign So Far

The problem with this campaign is the contradictions. The biggest contradiction is speculation about Turnout. Some tell me it will be better than last year. Applications to get on the register are allegdly up…but some canvassers are being told that people are not voting.

Maybe both are right…maybe there are regional variations or maybe different parties are getting different reactions. The “good response on the doorstep” quote is a cliché. But obviously in a lot of cases, it is true. Maybe there is actual movement.

Reading “The Tyrone Courier” in a barbers in Dungannon two weeks ago , there was no election coverage except for those clichéd photographs of candidates and supporters handing in nomination papers. In a coffee shop in Newtownards, the ladies were in guarded conversation.

There does not seem to be many “sweepers”. It looks like some votes wont actually count. More votes than candidates.

Claims that UUP AND SDLP are eating into veteran Trevor Lunn’s Alliance vote in Lagan Valley but Alliance doing well in East Belfast and North Down.

Violence….casual sexism, sectarianism, homophobia or just unpleasantness at doorsteps, a bullet sent to a pregnant SDLP candidate (Nichola Mallon) and the fire-boming of a SF agents car in Bangor….and the casual theft of election posters.

I will be glad when it is all over.


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10 Responses to The Campaign So Far

  1. I suppose a bit of aggro in the press and on the doorsteps is indicative of something. Raised temperatures mean raised votes. The question is, who has got the best self-raising formula, unionism or nationalism? I’ve been disappointed by so many recent elections that I’ve given up hoping.

    Sort of… 😉

    • Yes. The 2016 Election was anaemic …very little passion.
      DUP and SF wanted it that way. The other Parties could not energise it.
      There is more passion around this year. Just ten minutes ago I heard of someone I vaguely know has switched from SF to DUP (I find that incredible).
      “Squeaky Bum” time????

    • I keep warning people of the drift from SF to the DUP, I have a friend who has gone so far a to put it on her Facebook page encouraging others to do the same.

      • I still think the numbers will be small.
        And more likely in an election without other issues.
        For example this year we have RHI, Brexit, CSI, “republican and loyalist” racketeering.
        Politics is always about a mixture of Principle and Interest and the “unborn child” is certainly a principle. For others “reproductive rights” is a principle.
        The numbers who would actually for or against a Party on this basis is still small.
        DUP is a party that has fought against “catholic rights” in jobs etc.
        SDLP for example is a pro life Party. And I guess some people wont vote for us on that basis.

  2. Vince says:

    I’m not a fan but I suspect that Alliance are actually heading for a good election. Could see them taking 10 seats and have a hunch that they will top the poll in vote share in both South & East Belfast, whilst taking the last seat in North Belfast. Justice Minister anyone?

  3. Political Tourist says:

    Provo election agent in Bangor!!!
    Now that’s what i call brave.

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