Alliance Ask The Questions…But Only To Each Other

I am indebted to “Hoboroad” for the link to the Alliance Party scandal. Basically a sub group of activists asking easy questions of their candidates on radio phone-ins. Many will find it difficult to believe that the Party of Saint Naomi, Blessed Paula and Archangel Stewart would stoop to such a shabby tactic.

The tactic might be shabby but it is the kinda thing that works. If an Alliance big wig is on the radio for an hour, it is agood idea to fill up as much air time as possible with friendly questioners and easy topics.

Obviously the callers dont identify themselves as Alliance Party members and a bad idea to ask a follow up question like “what are we having for dinner tonight….and call at Tesco and bring home a bottle of milk with you”.

In its own way, it is the same kinda scandal as the DUP NOT answering questions.

I am looking forward  (possibly in vain) to the Slugger O’Toole thread on the Alliance Party scandal. No doubt the  “secret” Alliance Facebook group would challenge any idea that this is a scandal….because Alliance dont do scandals.

At least thats one problem I dont have on this Blog.

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2 Responses to Alliance Ask The Questions…But Only To Each Other

    • Great minds think alike.
      Did you see my piece on Lagan Valley 17th Feb 2017.
      revor “Lunn will be 71 years old this year. But two Alliance councillors, albeit in Castlereagh have endorsed SDLPs Pat Catney. And Seamus Close, a former Deputy Leader of Alliance has signed Pat’s nomination papers. Former NI21 councillor Johnny McCarthy and Green Party candidate, Conor Quinn are in SDLP ranks”

      Good luck to you and the Slugger team over the next couple of days.
      Iam in STrabane at lunch time and West Belfast late on tomorrow.

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