Sometimes It Just Has To Be Said…

As a general rule, “casting up” past misdemeanours of Sinn Féin is pointless. Either it is regarded as “ancient history” by young people or simply constant repetition of soundbites like “Sinn Féin-IRA” lose all meaning.

Our Peace Process required a certain amount of overlooking their Past…to bring them into the mainstream. History will judge if we got it right or if we compromised ourselves and our dignity too much.

It is simple enough. I welcome compromise. I do not like BEING compromised.

So for the most part, Sinn Féin is regarded as a normal political party. And like any politicians…indeed citizens…they have the right to be outraged by the way whistle-blower, Garda Sgt Maurice McCabe was treated.

As the truth unravels, it is obvious that he and his family were treated very badly. I have little time for Taoiseach Enda Kenny and even less time for Minister for Children, Katherine Zappone. It is obvious that questions need to be answered.

So a set piece in Dáil Éireann today and we could certainly expect An Taoiseach to engage in a little deflection. Gerry Adams TD made it easy for him. When Adams gets up on his hind legs to pontificate about anything, he is always on bad ground.

Gerry Adams pontificating about a “whistle-blower” !!!! As An Taoiseach pointed out bluntly Adams and Sinn Féin’s treatment of Mairia Cahill was a disgrace.

Adams and Sinn Féin….total hypocrites.


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5 Responses to Sometimes It Just Has To Be Said…

  1. But… Mairia Cahill is yesterday’s news, for all the wrongdoing associated with it by SF and others. McCabe and fellow whistleblowers in an Garda are today’s news, and a scandal that reaches into the highest levels of the state and government. Not an insurgent movement. Enda claiming that at least the Inner State is better than the subversives who previously opposed it is a piss-poor excuse for malpractice and criminality.

    Zappone has turned out to be a liberal Blueshirt hiding behind the Independents’ flag.

    • Oh theres a lot of hypocrisy all round.
      There is something about Zappone that I just cant take at all. “Liberal” in the American sense of the word but not in our understanding of the term.
      I wouldnt want to go home to her with my pay-packet already open.

  2. Wolfe tone says:

    Despite Adams misgivings, which were well covered by all and sundry, he is perfectly entitled to hold Kenny etc to account also. After all the strong suspicion concerning most actors that masquerade as part the state and deep state is that they never sxxxe on each other due to their previous unheard of ‘misgivings’. If the boul Gerry was truly deep state material they would’ve shielded more. Btw, some would argue the DUP and SF refuse to sxxxe on each other in the stormont debacle that’s going on at the minute; but that’s another story altogether.

    • We dont really learn. Banks, Sex Abuse in industrial schools and orphanages, tribunals about meat and planning…it is at worst a corrupt country.
      Even this is nasty.
      Cover up…is how we seem to work.
      We seem to deny everything and then express shock horror when the truth is dragged out.
      It will be the same in twelve months time.
      A lot of lawyers will make a lot of money.
      Any democratically elected politician is entitled to say what Adams said. But every other politician is entitled to point out Adams flaws.

  3. SDLP activist - North Down says:

    Maria Cahill is very courageous – and was treated terribly by Sinn Féin.

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