(Not) Talking Turkey

If there is one thing that seems to irritate the REMAIN side in the EU Referendum, it is the suggestion that Turkey might join the European Union. This provokes the “dog whistle” racism in the LEAVE side.

Some “dog whistle” facts. There are 75 million people in Turkey. It has an appalling Human Rights record. It is also a potential incubator for Islamist terrorism.

Leaving the “dog whistle” aside, there is a pretty basic fact about Turkey. Most of it is not actually in Europe. Its claim to be a “European” nation is not exactly justified.

The REMAIN campaign way of dealing with the LEAVE campaign that the door is open for Turkey to join the EU…and have potentially more “European” citizens exercising their right to free movement within EU….seems to be to say that this is impossible. Turkey is not about to join EU…it would be at least thirty years …and so on. It is…we are told… “a red herring”.

Of course this might be the case.
But as I was at a pro-EU event, organised by SDLP Youth in February and as I blogged, a leading REMAIN campaignner (NOT a member of SDLP) looked forward to Turkey joining the EU. It would he said make Europe “less white and less Christian”.
I wonder if this is now dropped from his presentation at other SDLP organised events.

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4 Responses to (Not) Talking Turkey

  1. Catholic voter says:

    They also say each country has a veto.
    But the suspect the commission bribes/ bullies/pressurises countries into not using their vetos. I dont trust countries to use their veto against the eu machine.

  2. Political Tourist says:

    The world moves on.
    Most of Europe is post Christian.
    Would somewhere like the six counties becoming a lot more Islamic be the end of the world?

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