The Great Pension Rip-Off

To be honest, I wont gain or lose anything, whatever the result of the EU Referendum. But I am bemused that people on the REMAIN side are telling me that my children and grandchildren will be worse off.
This may well be the case.
In fact it probably IS the case.
Financial Security in old age is a big issue but I cant help thinking that for several years, my wife and I drove home from Belfast at 6pm every night…sometimes with one or two children in the back seat. And we listened to news of miners strikes, firefighters strikes,ambulance driver strikes and it was really hard going.
The light in the tunnel for many working mums (and all politicians claim to love working mums)  was that at age 60, they had earned a State Retirement pension. They had done enough.
Now women like my wife dont get a State Retirement pension until 67 years of age. How much is that of a loss?….certainly more than £40,000.
Alas no adverts on TV telling women in their 50s to contact a team of lawyers.
“Have you been mis-sold a pension?”
Well….yes a lot of women have been mis-sold a pension.
Yet few young people happily handing out IN leaflets seem to have noticed. Indeed from a young persons perspective, they cant afford to pay taxes to support their mothers retiring at 60 and living longer than ever.

Is it any wonder older people are more prone to vote LEAVE than REMAIN next week?
It is not because we are stereotypically anti-migrant or quasi-racist….it is as much about not trusting political establishments. We have just heard more lies for more decades than younger people.
Why should any woman in her 50s trust a politician who says REMAIN OR LEAVE will make you worse off. Because every woman in her 50s can point to a IN or OUT politician who has gone thru the lobby in the House of Commons with the intention of making her poorer.

A lot of politicians urging a REMAIN vote do not see the irony.

This is actually an issue that affects me.

We are all expected to work longer to earn ouur pensions. Men AND Women. In May 2017, I will be 65 years old and luckily I am on the right side of the line….I will get my State Retirement Pension. When we married, it was a reasonable expectation…indeed enshrined in law…that Mrs FJH would receive her pension from January 2018. Now its deferred to January 2025….just like that.

Just like that. Seven years.

If you have not given much thought to the impact of this change on old codgers like Mr and Mrs FJH, it might be because at your (younger) age, it does not affect you. But it might also be because this is not exactly a hot political issue. You might think that it would be an issue for all those socialists in the House of Commons. You might think it would be an issue for all those bright young feminists in the red jackets. But seemingly its not a feminist issue either.
It is the issue that doesnt exist.
There is a political consensus not to mention it.
Thatcher and Thatcherism lives on thru New Labour.
Should my wife and I really listen to successive Conservative and Labour Chancellors (Kenneth Clarke, Alastair Darling, Gordon Brown, George Osborne) who tell me not to take chances with our financial future? They tell me leaving the EU will cost us money.
Would it be more than £40,000.
I am not persuaded by the LEAVE Campaign. Too many nutters.
Indeed all logic lies with REMAIN.
I am voting LEAVE. So is my wife.
I am not voting LEAVE because of their campaign. I am voting LEAVE in spite of both campaigns.

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7 Responses to The Great Pension Rip-Off

  1. Gareth Griffiths says:

    Not sure your generation deserves so much sympathy to be honest. Final salary pensions, student maintenance grants, free university tuition, low house prices. All these things available to your generation, not to mine.

  2. Political Tourist says:

    Leave?, strange one for somebody pro SDLP.
    Europe of the Regions, John Hume bla bla bla.

  3. Catholic voter says:

    I think Ireland (all of it) would be better off out.

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