An 11 Year Old Journalist Writes…

When I was 11 years old part of the English lesson was producing a newspaper. The idea was that the English double period on Friday was spent putting together THREE newspapers. One for each row of twelve boys. For the record, my newspaper was called “Topic”.

It was hardly cutting edge. Mostly I remember cutting pictures of politicians, sports people and pop stars out of newspapers and magazines and pasting them into our newspaper. Cutting and pasting…literally.

One morning there was a discussion about “news” and our teacher explained that it was not just about newspapers …there were magazines like the “Economist”, “Time”, “The Spectator”…..thats where real journalism and real news was. Essentially a murder, a bank robbery or a fatal car crash are only news for a few days and real journalism is the ongoing stories.

So watching “Newsnight”, we see in depth coverage of major events and somehow the stories affecting ordinary people get devalued.

So tonight I was watching the local UTV News which led of course with the formation of our New Executive. It was a depressing enough feature…a pantomime … Máirtín Ó Muilleoir (SF) and Simon Hamilton (DUP) nodding and agreeing with each other about facing serious challenges ahead.

But the second item on the News was the 1976 Kingsmill Massacre…and the inquests forty years later. A massacre of Protestant workmen. The testimony of the sole survivor was chilling. How he heard an 18 year old victim call for his mother..seeing the boots of a murderer as he walked among them, finishing off the wounded.

So much happened in those years. I think we rationalised it. That  when we heard the first item of news on the radio….”a body was found…”.

We needed to find a reason that it could not be me. Thus a British Army soldier or RUC man killed by bullet or roadside bomb could not be me. The men drinking in a bar…couldnt be me…the men in the “IRA Active Service Unit” or the alleged tout found hooded on a border road. None could be me.

I had different and precise fears about abduction and being tortured to death in a Shankill Road “romper room”. Some things are too painful like the girl I knew…a professional singer abducted and tortured to death after being made to watch the torture and death of the young man abducted with her. …he had only just met her that night and was giving her a lift home. The loyalist killers promised they would spare them if she sang for them.

Back then, Catholics like myself carried a “Prayer to St Joseph” petitioning that we “would not fall into the hands of our enemies”. Because thats a phrase that still chills me….”falling into the hands of your enemies”. It does not end well in Iraq and it does not end well in Syria….and for that girl I knew, it didnt end well in Belfast…..and it did not end well for ten men at Kingsmill.

So forty years later, the sole survivor gets to tell his story. His humanity comes thru. He has lived with the true facts, having saved the bereaved from the information that their loved ones had not died instantly.  We owe him a debt….and  owe others like the Bloody Sunday, Claudy, Ballymurphy and La Mon victims a debt.

You might tell me that “we should move on” or maybe just tell me that I should move on. But we do not deserve to move on because increasingly we have neglected victims and frankly we chose to believe that “our people were not as bad as their people”.

There will be no court cases of course but the very least that the Kingsmill bereaved deserve is to know the names of the killers…the murderers. Will anyone allow that to happen?

DUP and Sinn Féin now share the spoils. This is a coalition….there is  not even any pretence as Arlene and Martin stand shoulder to shoulder. Frankly I cant see this latest farce not having consequences for Sinn Féin. Máirtín ÓMuilleoir will be implementing Austerity and piously talking about finding new solutions in Health. Of course there are five long years ahead and Sinn Féin will be hoping that with DUP blessing that they can go to West Belfast, Mid Ulster and South Down with something to show.

But really hard to see how this “new, young” Executive deserves more attention than Kingsmill. Disturbingly local BBC and UTV will be as supportive of this coalition as they were of the old unionist regime fifty years ago. The media will be as uncritical of Mairtin Ó Muilleoir, Simon Hamilton and the rest of the Government as much as they were uncritical of Terence O’Neill and William Craig.
The virtues of Stability will be fed to us. Arlene Foster is the new James Chichester Clarke and Martin McGuinness is the new Brookeborough.

Maybe the English teacher was wrong in 1963. Publishing three newspapers might have prepared us to read a broadsheet like The Guardian instead of a tabloid like the Daily Mirror. Or have us watch Channel 4 News instead of Jeremy Kyle or locally we might be sophisticated to watch Mark Carruthers rather than Stephen Nolan.
Maybe the cutting and pasting I did to produce a newspaper in 1963 is not that much different to writing “Keeping An Eye On The Czar of Russia”.
But how insular we all are in the Norn Iron media and Blogosphere….how gossipy …how irrelevant…covering minutiae.
We miss the real story.
It is nice of BBC Norn Iron to run off to Coleraine Grammar School to interview Claire Sugden’s Politics teacher. Didnt she do well? But what was happening behind closed doors at Stormont over the past few weeks and months is probably more interesting.
“Move on” they tell us.
The Ministry of Truth…our own little 1984….where the voices from Kingsmill and Ballymurphy count for nothing.

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6 Responses to An 11 Year Old Journalist Writes…

  1. Catholic voter says:

    Do you think the sdlp can pick up disaffected sf voters or will another outfit benefit electorally such as p b p?

    • Too early to say.
      As I say we should have walked away five years ago. In numerical terms we are in a worse position but i think Opposition makes us stronger.
      SF are in a good position in terms of numbers …well actually its mixed position there because they dont have the 30 M!As to compete with DUP…they are second fiddle.
      But they now have a free hand to implement austerity….all this talk about finding new solutions for Health is pure nonsense….its cuts and SF are administering them.
      How is Ó Muilleoir going to get away with it as Finance Minister without affecting his constituents in South Belfast …likewise O’Neill in Mid Ulster or the whole North. With SF already on probation in west Belfast, cuts in services and staff will affect west belfast and hard to see how SF MLAs can protest about cuts their own ministes make.
      2021?…I dont know.
      What SF want is three years of cuts and then turn it around in time for an election. They will gamble that the reduced number of MLAs will affect sdlpmore thanSF and gamble that people will forgive and forget and that the Opposition …sdlp , pbp, Greens will divide the Opposition.
      I wish Claire Sugden well but after all the hype, i think her coalotion partners, her own civil servants, PSNI, prison officers, judges, law officers and Law Society will circle around her for a while before pouncing.
      Likewise..the Opposition, especially Nesbitt.
      Foster and McGuinness emphasised Sugden is there for five years. To be honest, I cant see it. At times yesterday she looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights and I just cant see her lasting five years.
      I dont think that necessarily means a new election. SF will avoid that but it could mean Alliance get invited back.

  2. zig70 says:

    It’s an impossible task and my current opinion I couldn’t stand over if I was faced with having to justify it in person. The truth is not solid and I think we need to berate politicians that pretend it is. Kingsmill was dead wrong but it was in the middle of many killings in S. Armagh and not recognising their loss is also wrong. The only way I see of ending the political agendas is an amnesty.

    • No side….British, IRA, Police or Loyalist wants that.
      To be a real Amnesty, people need to know who is getting the amnesty….who is Soldier A in Derry…who were the Kingsmill murderers….who bombed Dublin and Monaghan and so on.
      The sides who were involved prefer just “moving on” and I dont think they deserve that.
      Buying Peace at that price might well be good for the “community” but it asks too many bereaved to just accept it
      individual bereaved families have the right to move on but we have no right to compel others to do it.
      They are in a bad place…Inquiry, Investigation or Inquest turns up stuff in a hap-hazard way.
      But to try and build something good on all this badness….there would as Auntie Sheila would say be” no luck in it”.

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