SDLP: 2016 Candidates

This is the full list of SDLP candidates for 2016 Assembly Election.

Foyle: Colum Eastwood. Mark H Durkan.  Gerard Diver.

East Derry: Gerry Mullan.

West Tyrone: Daniel McCrossan.

Fermanagh-South Tyrone: Richie McPhillips.

North Antrim: Connor Duncan.

East Antrim: Margaret Anne McKillop.

South Antrim: Roisin Lynch.

Mid Ulster: Patsy McGlone.

Lagan Valley: Pat Catney.

North Belfast: Nichola Mallon.

West Belfast: Alex Attwood.

East Belfast: Amy Doherty.

South Belfast: Claire Hanna. Fearghal McKinney.

Strangford: Joe Boyle.

North Down: Conall Browne.

Upper Bann: Dolores Kelly.

South Down: Sean Rodgers. Sinead Bradley. Colin McGrath.

Newry-Armagh: Karen McKevitt. Justin McNulty.

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8 Responses to SDLP: 2016 Candidates

  1. WilliamMcGowan says:

    The SDLP will be doing miraculously well to hold 14 seats with several seats under a lot of pressure: Foyle, possible loss to SF/ PBP. Upper Bann very real prospect of loss to SF; West Belfast: possible loss to PBP (but more probably a SF loss to PBP); South Belfast possible loss to Alliance/ Greens; North Belfast possible but not probable loss to Alliance (not SF), should hold on in East Derry but not a given.
    Two slim chances of gains, one in South Antrim and one in Strangford (which the SDLP have talked up in every Assembly election) but maybe this time the chance of a gain with the retirement of Kieran McCarthy the Alliance MLA from Kircubbin.
    My head suggests 2-3 losses overall with perhaps 1 gain for a total of 12 seats, a good result with so many new candidates and seats under pressure but a result which continues the decline of recent assembly elections.

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