Meanwhile At The Back Of The Bus…

You have to laugh. Sinn Féin DO have a sense of Entitlement and are not above lying thru their teeth for political advantage. Indeed Denial and Lies are part of Sinn Féin’s charm. It is their Unique Selling Point and one I happily bought into for several years (1993-2009).

I am largely immune to Sinn Féin. They cant bluff me in the way they can bluff a features writer for the New York Times. And I respect the fact that they dont even try to bluff me. It saves time with the whole canvassing thing.

So…Gerry Adams enjoys the trappings of…being Gerry Adams. As everyone ignores the Elephant in the Room, Gerry poses as a pretty regular guy…albeit an eccentric one.

So strolling up to the gates of the White House must have seemed a pretty ordinary day for Gerry Adams. To be denied admission was not part of the plan.

It was of course a screw-up. But Gerry conjuring up images of Rosa Parkes with his “Sinn Féin do not sit at the back of the bus” bombast is risible. Gerry Adams is no Rosa Parks. It is unlikely the mural painters at the International Wall in Divis Street,will use it as inspiration.

I do permit myself a wry smile. Not least because it is an indication that Sinn Féin’s run of good luck is running out. A wry smile is permissable …much more dignified than the smirks on Slugger O’Toole.

Certainly Adams closest allies will bluster about the injustice of it all. But I suspect Mary Lou McDonald, Matt Carthy and Pearse Doherty  will see it as a sign that the Leader is losing his lustre. He is on his way out.


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12 Responses to Meanwhile At The Back Of The Bus…

  1. Sinn Féin Supporter in Tyrone says:

    The US government’s treatment of Gerry Adams was disrespectful towards Gerry Adams. It is no exaggeration to point out that he is a political statesman and peacemaker, and the President of the biggest political party when you take a 32 county perspective. It was very unfair towards Sinn Féin and it isn’t just insulting to Gerry Adams; given that he is party President, its insulting to each and every one of Sinn Féin’s growing group of voters across all 32 counties of Ireland.

    President Obama has now realized that Gerry Adams was badly treated. His government has now apologized and made clear that what happened was wrong. The apology to Gerry Adams fully and entirely vindicates Gerry Adams position.

    Let me make something crystal clear. Sinn Féin does not rely on “luck”. Rather it relies on a well thought through political analysis and hard work on the ground by party activists and party workers. (Unllke other parties, SF workers take home the AIW regardless of their position: from the party president, all the way to the very lowest MLA). Gerry Adams has not list his lustre. He increased the tally of TDs in the Dail by 60% – a remarkable achievement. His position as President of Sinn Féin is not in questeion and nor should it be. I expect SF to do well in the upcoming elections in the north.

    • It is a massive exaggeration to describe Gerry Adams as a statesman and a peacemaker.
      You are on record here as saying that SF will gain four seats in May. Do you still believe this.

      • Sinn Féin Supporter in Tyrone says:

        Now that SF are only standing two in North Belfast I think the gains will now be three not four. SF would not have moved Martin McGuinness to Foyle had SF not thought that 3 seats is available there. Also Upper Bann and East Derry.

        I forsee SF now getting a good bounce in the North from the very impressive gains in the south that transpired a few short weeks ago and which has given great energy to activists.

      • Well, if they had thought an extra seat was available in North Belfast, they wwould have run three people. They ran three in 2011.

      • Sinn Féin Supporter in Tyrone says:

        Gerry Adams surely is the most important single person in the peace process?

      • No he is not.
        John Hume and even David Trimble got the Nobel Prize.
        Hume and others smoothed the way for Adams to enter the process. Sinn Féin has been humoured and benefitted. Now is the time to ditch them.
        The only people who think Gerry Adams is a statesman are the same people who think Slab Murphy is a good republican.

      • Kev Hughes says:

        ‘It is a massive exaggeration to describe Gerry Adams as a statesman and a peacemaker.’

        How is it? Sorry, but YOUR party were pretty dead set against Hume even talking to him. Guys with guns make peace John. You may not like Gerry but it’s pretty self-evident that he’s a peace maker and he’s a lot more statesman-like than most from the SDLP of late (last one would’ve been Durkan, since then it’s pretty awful your lot).

      • I think Hume is the only real statesman from any Party.

      • Kev Hughes says:

        Judging by the large number of statesmen coming to see and who have seen Gerry, it’s self-evidently not the case.

        I know the Stoops don’t like that fact but it’s about time you faced up to that.

  2. Kev Hughes says:

    ‘Sinn Féin has been humoured and benefitted. Now is the time to ditch them.’

    That’s a bit of telling statement there John. Who’s going to ditch them? The parties in Stormont? The people haven’t, as they continue to vote for them in far greater numbers than whatever the SDLP is nowadays.

    I get that the Tyrone SF guy gets to you but you’re at your strongest when you’re outside of that little and diminishing SDLP bubble.

    I read your reports of the conferences etc. and let me be brutal here, you guys are on to a loser. Eastwood has been fairly anonymous and the only time he seems to come about is to criticise SF. You may say that’s fair game, and it is, but if he actually aimed his fire at what is wrong with the STATE as opposed to his opponent, then he wouldn’t sound like the typical SDLP liturgy. You see, I could play SDLP conference Bingo and if you hear the following then you win:

    ‘We created the GFA’ TICK
    ‘They’re not real republicans’ TICK
    ‘The only people who can deliver on the GFA is the SDLP’ TICK
    ‘We want a fairer society’ TICK

    Ironically, or coincidentally, for a party that seems more Catholic than Nationalist, it is like a weekly liturgy, all you need is a sacrament offered and then I am sure at the end you have something along the lines of

    ‘Now lets get out there and show the people we can make this change’

    and you have ‘Go peace to love and spread the word, THANKS BE TO GOD/HUME’ and I’m certain I’ve got the SDLP conference season in a post.

    Defining yourself through SF is a poor state of affairs for a once radical party and for that reason you will never get my postal vote.

    • I wouldnt disagree with most of that. Hume after all got a lot of flak from within SDLP for engaging with Adams.
      You have a fair point if you say that some praising Hume had difficulty with that strategy and are now singing his praises.
      But slowly Adams became accepted and it was necessary not to look to closely at things in the name of the Process.
      I think it was always assumed that after 1998, Sinn Féin (and DUP for that matter) would have minor roles.
      Certainly SDLP think that they were sold out by the British and Irish governments and while that is true to some extent, you know that I have never been shy about criticising the SDLP in the years after 1998. Under Eastwood there are at least signs that they are moving away from the self-pity.
      But necessarily (?) we were all conned by the Peace Process. I blame myself for voting YES. It is not how I expected it to be….and SF being top dog is not the issue. Mostly I think the entire process sold out ALL victims.
      None of the military players want the truth to be revealed. And maybe I should have realised that in 1998.
      We were all caught up in the euphoria….and the years of fatigue. But the Media gave SF an easy time by the establishment.and the SDLP, govts and even eventually UUP and DUP) and now the establishment would like to undermine SF…and thats the context I say that the establishment has turned.
      SF is facing more criticism than a decade ago. A lot of it is fair. Some is unfair and opportunistic.

      • Kev Hughes says:

        Look John, with all due respect, you are using the same copy’n’paste job as you’ve used with me before. It’s now a broken record.

        ‘I think it was always assumed that after 1998, Sinn Féin (and DUP for that matter) would have minor roles.’

        I think the problem for the SDLP is it actually doesn’t much enjoy democracy and therefore needs to fall back on the much more comfortable and also safe position of ‘everyone else is wrong and no one really realises how ‘decent’ we are’. It’s what Corbyn is up to in London, when what really counts is power, something you forgot about a long time ago.

        I ask you, what has the SDLP achieved since 1998? I’m all ears.

        Do you know why you guys will not get anywhere near power again (I mean that btw)? Because you are staid, you lack imagination and you define yourselves via SF. It’s utterly risible.

        ‘Under Eastwood there are at least signs that they are moving away from the self-pity.’

        I’m not too sure. All he seems to do is talk about Slab which, again, is talking about the SDLP as a comparison against SF. He even did it in the Indo of all papers. I wept with laughter when I saw that and realised he won’t change a thing. Seriously, it’s a trifle in comparison to the real matter of getting back into government. When you’re winning, have at it, when you are in this bad a state it looks like needless politicking and this is something that a losing side needs to stay away from. Let your opponents hang themselves with the rope they have. Also, if you guys are on the same side as Dr Spaceman then you’ve got an issue,

        ‘But the Media gave SF an easy time by the establishment’ Did they? I must have missed that, what with the down fall of Stormont over a non-existent spy ring, the St Andrew’s talks etc., oh that murder in Short Strand last year etc. Liam Adams and Maria Cahill to name only a few, I must have missed that light touch, soft focus journalism you’re mentioning. How in the name of god DIDN’T you guys make any form of head way against SF with all of that? I mean, seriously, ask yourself why. And if any SDLP folks are reading this, if you can’t join the dots then your party will continue to slide.

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