Embarrassing Bodies

You have all seen THAT photograph…Donald Trump and Gerry Adams at a Sinn Féin fundraiser in New York City. It is hard to know which of the great men is more embarrassed…but I dont think the photograph will be on Gerry’s election literature next year. More likely,  Nelson Mandela is a cooler friend to have than Donald Trump.

Over on Slugger O’Toole, there is a caption contest for the Adams-Trump photograph. Even if I wanted to log in to Slugger, I cant do it but surely none of the Sluggerites can beat my own suggestion that there should be a pun based on it being a Sinn Féin fundraiser and Trump’s fondness for women…..”so Donald what exactly do you mean when you say the Czech/cheque is in the mail”

Anyway here are some more embarrassing bodies. That strange bromance between Tony B Liar and Colonel Gaddafi of Libya. Back in the days when both were pretty regular guys. Then one discovered that his friend was a war criminal and it all went bad.

image image 

To be fair, Tony B Liar has been unlucky with his friendships. There was that time he invited Mr and Mrs Assad from Damascus to a wife-swapping party in Downing Street. That ended badly.



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