Stephen Nolan Themed Christmas Party

Tonight I will be hosting my annual Christmas Party, attended by three hundred of my closest friends.

The Party will have a Stephen Nolan theme. A tribute to one of the great mediocre shock jocks of our times.

Guests are asked to bring a supply of Northern Bank £20 notes and to wave them about….a gesture of solidarity with the Great Man, who was much discomforted by doing this in England last night.

Guests will then go on Twitter….and “tweet” about this in a self-important way. We will of course look like buck eejits.

Pass the Journalist of the Year Award.

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4 Responses to Stephen Nolan Themed Christmas Party

  1. benmadigan says:

    hope all your blogging commenters are invited!! Aren’t we all part of the 300?

  2. Cork sf supporter says:

    I like how on this blog you get a personal reply from the owner of the blog.

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