GAWD Bless You Mrs Windsor

It would be churlish not to mention that “Queen Elizabeth of England” is now the longest reigning monarch in English History. I doff my cap in admiration. Some might say she is a “welfare scrounger” but she seems harmless enough and has generously announced that she will now only live in one palace…Buckingham Palace…and turn Balmoral, Sandringham and Windsor Castle over to the United Nations to re-settle Syrian refugees.

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6 Responses to GAWD Bless You Mrs Windsor

  1. CON MCKENNA says:

    Please stop being nasty.   Queen Elizabeth 2 is the best old doll who ever lived.  She writes to me at the end of every month.  So long as she does so, she and I will be the best of friends.   We would be even better friends if she were to insert another zero before the decimal point.

  2. Political tourist says:

    An outside bet.
    Bess outlives Charlie.
    Stranger things have happened.

    • Or he might be deemed too old to succeed. And the Crown go directly to Wills. Charlie was once the Prince Charming but he is at least a few years older than me…66 or so. And I cant see him on the throne for longer than a year if he succeeds at (say) 70.
      The Monarchy is pretty ruthless….it is supposed to be consistent but the rules are actually made up as it goes along. Look at 1688 or 1936.
      It is a Soap Opera and the courtiers….the Producers….are influenced by Ratings.
      The Public wants Wills and Kate and while Charlie might get to do the King thing for a year, I suspect that he will be persuaded to abdicate before too long.
      Realistically the Monarchy will be boosted by the sympathy for Elizabeth if she is widowed in next five years. It might even lead to her own abdication..
      Then likely her own death within ten years.
      And a prospect of two Coronations in ten years.
      Nothing will be accidental. The Monarchy doesnt do well with the unexpected….Wallis Simpson or Dianas death.
      Everything will be orchestrated.
      And likely plans already made.

  3. Political tourist says:

    Basing it on the “Firm” have access to the best medicine money can buy, Bess could in theory live another 20 years.
    And if Charlie was to be around say 30/40 years.
    Joe Public would then get another OAP in Wills.
    Unless there’s a deal done then every Mr or Mrs Windsor will be as old as a Pope on coronation day.

    • If an “older” Pope is selected, it generally means the Cardinals were hoping for a short Papacy and a man not rxpected to do much. They got it badly wrong with Pope John XXIII…they thought he was a bit of an eejit and it turned out he was totally different.
      I dont buy into John Paul I being murdered but clearly John Paul II was the choice in part because he was young (58) and of course he was around for too long….more than 25 years and when he died there was only one of the cardinals who elected him who could still vote for his successor.
      A long term Pope has the power to set up the appointments for the men who will elect his successor.
      Thats how we got Benedict…clearly too old and out of touch.
      There is something about Francis that makes me think of John XXIII.

      Interesting (well to me anyway) trivia. I was playing football on the street with an older boy and my mother came out because there was news on the radio that there was a new Pope and his name was “John”.
      The boy I was playing with…went to live in London…and played for a major club and played for Norn Iron.
      Now …wasnt that interesting? LOL

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