Quintin And The Kurds

Nearly interesting article by Quintin Oliuver (sic) in today’s Daily Mirror about his “experiences in a refugee camp”. REading the headline. I wondered if Baby Quintin had been smuggled out of Hungary in a wicker basket. Or maybe a Teenage Quintin had pole vaulted over the Berlin Wall in the 1970s.

Alas not. Norn Iron’s leading “agent for change” had recently spent ten days in a refugee camp in Kurdistan. All very worthy. Hats off to Quintin. He was providing them with a political education…which is comedy gold.

Speaking about the hardships, Quintin noted that a farmer missed his “social media class” because he had to go home and plant some seeds for the next harvest. I am not making this up (page 13 of the Daily Mirror and it isn’t even 1st April).

I hope Quintin remembered his old friends at Slugger O’Toole and provided a link to some really brilliant articles. Those Kurds in the refugee camps probably talk about nothing else. On the other hand, a reasonable person might think they have enough problems and don’t really need to read David McCann, Alan Meban, Sheldon and Dimbleby.

On a personal note, I cant say that I have noticed any additional traffic from the Middle East. …just a few from Turkey.

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