The Tories Have A Mandate…So Do Labour!

It is sad to see the British Labour Party implode under the temporary leadership of Harriet Harman. But she was always a phoney. A total careerist who would jump on any bandwagon to climb thru Labour ranks.

Leading the Labour Party to abstain on the Welfare Cuts is shameful. Her excuse …that the Tories won the Election on the basis of imposing cuts …they have a mandate ….misses the point entirely.

First off, the draconian cuts go much further than anything that was in the Conservative manifesto.

Second and more importantly, Labour Party have a mandate…to oppose the Tories. Labour is the Official Opposition. It is bizarre that Labour politicians are arguing that the Tories and/or the voters got it right in May and that the Labour Party got it wrong.

The fact is that the opposition to the Tories was led by Scottish Nationalists, LIberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru, SDLP and the single member of the Green Party…and of course the forty eight Labour MPs who defied their Party whip and voted against the Government.

Leadership candidates Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall abstained. The three of them are of course totally useless. I dont expect much from them. But there are decent people on those benches….Alan Johnson, Hillary Benn for example and sad to see them abstain. Shameful and pathetic.

Credit therefore to Leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell, Diane Abbott and others, who actually had the courage to do the right thing. They will be called dinosaurs. But they are more in touch with the feelings of voters…Labour voters than the mainstream Parliamentary Party.

It would shake things up if a bearded Lefty like Corbyn won the Leadership. If anyone predicted that twenty years ago, they would have been put in a padded cell. Corbyn has not “moved to the centre”. The likes of Harman, Burnham, Cooper and yer woman, Liz Somebody have abandoned the centre and moved to the right of a place where no Labour Party member should be.

Yet I dont think Corbyn will win. It is still for Burnham to lose.

Twenty five years ago….when Jeremy Corbyn’s beard had fewer grey hairs….the Militant Tendency (the left wing Party within a Party) was a threat. Neil Kinnock, as Party Leader fought against it. Today, the greatest threat to Labour is the Non-Militant Tendency….the cowards who abstained on Monday night. Ironically one of them was Stephen Kinnock….the son of the same Neil Kinnock. Hillary Benn (son of Tony) also abstained. And that really sums up where Labour is in July 2015. A very bad place.

But the greatest irony is that SNP, Plaid Cymru and SDLP….nationalist parties….are representing the interests of ENGLISH working class much better than the (majority of) Labour Party. It is of course cheeky that yesterday SNP occupied the Commons benches reserved for the Official Opposition…but GOD knows, they made a point which will not be lost on English voters.

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  1. Political tourist says:

    Have you read the book, Edinburgh Divided by Tom Gallagher.

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