Wellington Meets His Waterloo…in Glasgow.

So …the Battle of Waterloo 1815-2015. A big Bicentenary in Scotland? After all…those Red Squares…the Black Watch, the Gordon Highlanders, the Scots Greys and a lot of other Scottish regiments took part in the Duke of Wellington’s most famous victory over the French.


I bought the above postcard, thinking that it was just a one-off, literally a snap-shot of Scottish humour. The statue is outside Glasgow’s Modern Art Gallery and the pic below is how it looked on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of last week.

image It appears that the traffic cone on the Iron Duke’s head is now an integral part of the statue.

In Buchanan Street on Saturday, there were a lot of street performers. The pic below is one of them.


So what is it with the Duke of Wellington and the Traffic Cone? Well….it is a tradition. Every so often the traffic cone is removed by the Council. But every time it is removed, it is replaced. So the Duke of Wellington and his Traffic Cone are now part of the fabric of the City of Glasgow. I really love this.

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2 Responses to Wellington Meets His Waterloo…in Glasgow.

  1. Political tourist says:

    The traffic cone story goes way back to the 1980s.
    All sorts of strange threats by the Glasgow Labour council of long jail time.
    In fact eventually a council van spent a week sitting there night after night.
    There was some real hang ups held by the older generation.
    Now that generation is gone.
    As you say, maybe folks were a lot more British and Labour back then.
    Now it’s a major city that voted to opt
    out the UK.
    Btw, I thought Waterloo was a great film, pity the French didn’t win though.

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