“Je Suis Jenny Palmer”

Councillor Jenny Palmer and her husband, John have left the DUP.

Councillor Palmer was a member of the Board of the Norn Iron Housing Executive. Two years ago she alleged that Stephen Brimstone, highly paid Special Advisor to Minister Nelson McCausland (DUP ) phoned her and asked her to vote (in accordance with the Ministers wishes) on a NIHE matter.

A prolonged Assembly Committee investigation has found in her favour. DUP, unsurprisingly and unconvincingly dissent from the findings. Brimstone is still a highly paid Special Advisor, now in the office of First Minister and DUP Leader, Peter Robinson.

It is Government at its worst. As Councillor Palmer was apparently told by Brimstone , “the Party comes first”.

It is proper that Councillor Palmer has resigned.

I dont suppose she shares many of my political leanings but it is right to pay tribute to a woman who is clearly more honourable than her Assembly colleagues.

And its further proof of just how bad Politics here has become.

I look forward to Patrick Corrigan joining me at Belfast City Hall. No doubt he will have his “Je Suis Jenny Palmer” placard….or maybe she is not the right kinda victim.

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