Would The Real Editor of Slugger O’Toole, Please Stand Up

I am a bit worried about Mick Fealty. He no longer appears to know what is going on at Slugger O’Toole and yet he is the Editor.

Still grieving the loss of Naomi Long and comforting themselves with predictions about how badly SDLP will do next year or in five years time is understandable. Its how Slugger works. No Election is ever a “real” Election. Fantasy Elections are more palatable on Slugger.

Does SDLP get a fair deal on Slugger O’Toole. I am inclined to think “no”. But thats ok. No big deal.

But as a cartoon appears on Slugger O’Toole …an unflattering one of Alasdair McDonnell, I wonder aloud if the raised right arm is in some way a Nazi salute. I ask the question. I do not know the answer. But neither does Mick …and he is the Editor. In fairness, he is asking questions. But some four hours later, there is still no answer.

I dont for copyrite reasons reproduce the cartoon here. But I do publish the exchange I have had with Mick on Facebook.


When I asked if it was a Nazi salute, Mick didnt know the answer, referring it to the cartoonist (and hes no Walt Disney is he?). While Mick states its a cartoonist job to insult, he seems a bit unsure as to just how insulting it was.

The “Charlie Hebdo” comment is an amusing distraction. The Charlie Hebdo cartoonists took on Islamic extremism which is a brave if foolish thing to do. I dont think Sluggers cartoonist would take on Islamic extremism. Nor do I think that Mick Fealty would publish a cartoon that offended Muslims.  It is not good for a bloggers health. But more importantly, it is wrong to gratuitously insult people.

I do not know whether it is a Nazi salute or not. Neither does Slugger O’Toole’s editor.

But is it fair comment. The Leader of SDLP posing as a Nazi. Is that really the kinda discourse that Slugger wants to promote?

Would it be a step too far?

Would it be “playing the man”?

I call on Mick Fealty to establish whether it is a Nazi salute. And if it is, to either stand by his cartoonist or disassociate Slugger O’Toole from this form of discourse.


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  1. roddy says:

    SF …


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