Blogging: Normal Service Has Been Resumed

Apologies for little of consequence appearing on this Blog in the past few days. A member of the household was hospitalised but is now back home and doing well.

This means that with just 36 hours left until the polling stations open, I am behind schedule. I still have three “western” constituencies to visit and some others to re-visit.

On Thursday (Election Day), I will be out and about but I should be in Belfast from about 6pm.

I have drafted various posts…actually EIGHTEEN….which I hope to publish after 10pm on Thursday, when the polls close. Much will depend on how well my ipad holds up (charge-wise) and availability of Internet connexions.

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4 Responses to Blogging: Normal Service Has Been Resumed

  1. political tourist says:

    Best wishes to the “member of the household”.
    And good luck to you in your travels and reporting on Thursday.
    Hope you get what you wish for.
    Me, i’m just hoping as many unionists lose their seats as possible, on both sides of the North Channel.

    • Busy day today…just home at midnight.
      I was in Dungannon, Cookstown, Antrim, Ballymena, Ballymoney….back to Belfast…and Downpatrick.
      Need to do Newry or Armagh tomorrow and then head for the count.
      The wee one will be ok šŸ™‚ thank GOD. It waa a bad few days.

  2. benmadigan says:

    glad to hear the wee one will make a full recovery. Hope it’s speedy and uncomplicated. looking forward to reading your 18 posts!!!

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