How Would Our Celebs Vote? Life Imitates Art

As Slugger O’Toole asks the question “How Would Rory McIlroy Vote? …And Why It is Important” it is clearly a case of Life imitating Art.

On 13th September 2013, I wrote a piece here called “Celebrity Stormont”. It was 50% serious and 50% tongue in cheek.

Our local celebrities unlike their English (and Scottish) counterparts are reluctant to be identified with a political party.

Indeed, David Tennant (Dr Who) is the voice-over in Labour Election broadcasts. William Roache (Ken Barlow) is a Tory and Brian Cox (the Scottish actor) is very publicly SNP.

Yet we dont know the politics of our locals. There is of course a serious dimension. Of those that vote, our Society breaks down into …Unionist (50%) Nationalist (40%) and LetsGetAlongerist (10%). So why do I get the feeling that people in public life do not reflect this breakdown.

Are the “movers and shakers”…..the (say) one hundred best known and loved faces in Norn Iron….truly representative. LetsGetAlongerists like to claim that our Politics is unrepresentative of our “Society”.

Of course we are formed by birth, income, education,religion and location…and philosophy.

But is Mickey Harte, the Tyrone GAA manager going to vote DUP next week? Will “Dame” Mary Peters be putting her “X” against Sinn Féin?

What about Quintin Oliver? ….maybe TUV. Patrick Corrigan of Amnesty? ….UKIP.

Will any celeb endorse a Party?

Below is a list of nearly forty of our wonderful celebrities. I wish Lucid Talk would conduct a poll.

Conor Bradford
Wendi Austin
Julian Simmonds
Paul Clarke,
Martina Purdy
Tara Mills
Mark Carruthers
Noel Thompson
Gareth Gordon
Ken Reid
Sharon O’Neill
Jake O’Kane
Tim McGarry
Professor Deirdre Heenan
Professor Rik Wilford
May McFetridge
Adrian Dunbar
Rory McIlroy
Darren Clarke
Angie Phillips
Barra Best
Kieron Tourish
Malachi O’Doherty,
Eamonn Mallie (oh wait hes not best loved)
Quintin Oliver
Alan in Belfast
Joe Brolly
Cardinal Sean Brady
Mickey Harte
Clare McCollum
Stephen Watson
Chief Constable Matt Baggott
Walter Love
Mark Sidebottom
Stephen Nolan

A good parlour game.

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5 Responses to How Would Our Celebs Vote? Life Imitates Art

  1. roddy says:

    Aidrian Dunbar and Brolly would be the only SF voters on there.Harte too much of a holy Joe to vote SF.

    • have you any evidence to support your contention that Adrian Dunbar is a Sinn Féin supporter? Or are you just guessing?
      Are you assuming Joe Brolly is a SF supporter because of his parents?

  2. roddy says:

    Aidrian has attended SF events in England. Joe’s parents are SF and although he claimed to vote for the womans coalition one time,I would be very surprised if he by passed O’ muilleoir this time.

  3. roddy says:

    Adrian even took the role of Fear An Ti at a SF London dinner attended by assorted leftists and trade unionists.

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