How Would Eamonn Holmes Vote?


As Slugger O’Toole asks “How Would Rory McIlroy Vote…and Why It is Important”, I publish this pic of Eamonn Holmes, another export from Norn Iron. Coincidently I took the pic this morning while mumbling “get that gobshite off my TV”

Is there a clue in his body language?

Is it important how Eamonn Holmes votes? Is it more or less significant than how Rory McIlroy votes?

I do know that Rory McIlroy is a Golfer. And I know Eamonn Holmes is a Journalist.

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2 Responses to How Would Eamonn Holmes Vote?

  1. Jane M says:

    I found that post about Rory McIlroy at Slugger embarrassing. I just think it does not matter how Rory McIlroy votes. He is a successful golfer and fair play to him. It’s cringeworthy to start asking how he would vote in NI.

    • The most embarrassing aspect is the fact it had “academic” weight.
      There is a LetsGetAlongerist article of faith that we are not genuine citizens of the new Norn Iron unless we have repudiated our past.
      For Example.
      “i am from East Belfast…my daddy was an Orangeman but now my partner is a Catholic, we send our child to an integrated school and we vote Alliance”
      “I am from Falls Road. My father was interned in 1971 and we had to go to Mass every morning. But now I am an athiest and vote for the Greens”

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