Crime Doesn’t Pay?

Am I alone in thinking that Rory Trainor, the Newry business man is a very lucky man.

Trainor is a convicted money launderer and £63 million much of it the proceeds from criminal activity in both Norn Iron and Republic of Ireland passed thru his Bureau de Change. Some of the criminal activity was drug related.

His jail sentence? Well actually, he isnt going to jail. He got a suspended sentence.

It seems very light for such a serious crime. There is too much criminal activity in Norn Iron. Too many people…not all of them front-line criminals ….live off crime. This includes “respectable” people in “professions”.

Victimless Crime? White Collar Crime? Lets not kid ourselves. Criminal gangs are ruthless and often violent. We have dodgy petrol, we have dodgy alcohol, we have dodgy cigarettes. And we have criminal gangs involved in bank robberies and drug dealing. People die.

The judge imposing the suspended sentence said Rory Trainor made “bad decisions”. Actually it looks like he made some excellent decisions.

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