Fun With Flags…Part 5,382 (Driving Licences)

So this is a bit odd.
The responsibility for issuing Driving Licences has passed from Norn Iron to the DisUnited Kingdom.

Although I dont actually own a Driving Licence…this thought has given me a case of the vapours. I might actually own a licence like this….



This is serious stuff.  There is a Debate in Stormont about it. Parity of Esteem.

I am surprised that nobody has pointed out that Easons Bookshop in O’Connell Street in Dublin sells “sticker” postcards. One card features the National Flag of Ireland. I have a supply of them. I use them on mail, north and south. The cards cost 40 cents each…three for €1. See above.

See also a selection of Driver Licence sized-cards that I have in my desk drawer. Manchester United Supporters Club, Queens University Student, London Transport, Electricity Key Pad, Electoral Office Voting Identity. I have now put an Irish Flag on them all. That’ll show ’em.

As all SDLP Constituency Offices hold a supply of Irish passport application forms, clearly they should also have a supply of “sticker postcards”.

I am a…..Problem Solver.

This is a reasonable solution and it would cost several thousand pounds if this was ruled on by the Equality Commission. My charge to the Norn Iron Executive….fifty  quid….er cash only.

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2 Responses to Fun With Flags…Part 5,382 (Driving Licences)

  1. Gareth Blood says:

    I get the impression you have a fondness for the Big Bang Theory…….:)

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