Local Elections: North Down & Ards

The new council is effectively the amalgamation of four DEAs from North Down and three from Ards Council. And in Assembly terms, the constituency of North Down and Strangford.

The results.
Alliance 7 Greens 3
DUP 17. UUP 9. TUV 1.
Independents 2.

SDLP Perspective:
Slim pickings for nationalists. As expected the only SDLP seat was won comfortably over Sinn Fein in the nationalist enclave in the Ards Peninsula. Likewise SDLP will also take heart in the easy seat won in the Rowallane DEA (Strangford constituency and Down-Newry Council). SDLP has been knocking on the Strangford door for years and this augers well. However SDLP did not raise its head above the parapet in loyalist dominated DEAs like Newtownards and Comber.
SDLP made a token presence in two of the North Down DEAs and will be relatively pleased that there is a leftish presence in the Green Party in these DEAs. Seats for Greens means that Alliance was limited to just four in North Down constituency. This means there is relative parity between the Greens and Alliance and both will take a seat at the Assembly election in 2016.
We may see a unionist pact here for the Westminster Election…UUP getting a free run from DUP in Strangford and DUP in North Down…all part of a broader deal involving several constituencies.

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