Local Elections: Fermanagh & Omagh

The Council area is made up of four electoral areas in Fermanagh (part of the Fermanagh-South Tyrone constituency) and three in the West Tyrone constituency.

The Results:
Sinn Fein 17. SDLP 8. Ind Republican 1.
DUP 5. UUP 9.

SDLP Perspective:
A very good result. SDLP took a seat in every Fermanagh area and two seats (same as SF) in Omagh and one in each of the other Tyrone DEAs.
Looking ahead to the 2016 Assembly Elections, SDLP will be thinking that it can regain the Fermanagh-South Tyrone seat, narrowly lost in 2011. The Party also polled well in South Tyrone (part of the Mid Ulster constituency).
SDLP hold an Assembly seat in West Tyrone.
The relative success in the Omagh DEAs will give the SDLP confidence that it can hold the seat, despite obvious internal divisions in the old Strabane Council District area.

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