So I Voted….

Just for the record, I voted as follows.

EUROPE…1 Alex Attwood SDLP. 2 Martina Anderson SF 3 Ross Brown Green 4 Anna Lo Alliance.

The SDLP vote should stay in the race until the final count. To some extent the other votes are totemic. I surprised myself by giving Alliance a preference. First time I have ever done that. It was I suppose an acknowledgement that she has suffered racist abuse from right wing knuckle-draggers and she is the most liberal of Alliance people and seemingly analyses Norn Iron as a post-colonial problem. No vote for NI21…just too much chaos, anger, bitterness…earlier in the week, I would have given them a preference.
The others…NO. Simply put, Politics is a matter of seeing the best and worst in human nature. The right-wing parties are not a pretty sight and in the case of Tories, UKIP, DUP, TUV….a downright ugly sight.

LOCAL…I wont be specific about the Council and DEA. ….1 SDLP 2 SDLP 3 SF 4 SF 5 Independent (nationalist). No other preferences (nothing for Alliance).

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2 Responses to So I Voted….

  1. zig70 says:

    Not much point in voting past Martina, neither Brown or Lo have a chance. I had no one to vote for in 3mile water council elections. Pity. But I hope Bronagh got the vote out in Macedon, she does a lot of good work with the local gaa club. Saw SF on my run home knocking doors through college sq north, trying to get people out, with a loud speaker on a black taxi. They certainly put the effort in.

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