Louise…What Politics Should Be About

Out and about at various polling stations today, I found myself in Bangor. Met this lovely lady Louise Macartney at the Castle Polling Station.

Louise is an Independent candidate and its an uphill struggle for her. It is micro-politics …she is fighting for two things, the rights of disabled children and regeneration from Bangor.
Thats the thing that we tend to forget. It is not always about the “big things”.
Good people get involved for the best reasons.

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2 Responses to Louise…What Politics Should Be About

  1. Louise Macartney says:

    Aha, I tried to find this post before FitzJames! Thanks for posting the photo! 🙂

    • Got a lot of good feedback on this.
      It was nice to blog something about someone who had an agenda that was essentially about “other people”. It was a refreshingly selfless campaign.

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