So…I Am Actually A TUV Supporter

I have to admit that I love those MEMEs and surveys on Facebook.
In the last week, I have learned that
1 My Aura is Blue.
2 My Game of Thrones Character name is Ser(sic) Jon Mormaunt, First of His Name.
3 The Country I Should Have Been Born In Is…France.

So Slugger O’Toole links to a poll by Chambre PA (the lobbying people who arent Stratagem) and Belfast Telegraph (boooo!)…..Which Political Party Should I Vote For.
To be honest, I suspected a LetsGetAlongerist Plot which would reveal we should all vote Alliance.
But….and this despite declaring that I would only ever consider voting SDLP, Sinn Fein and Green….and declaring I wanted the Irish National Flag to fly over Council Buildings…it turns out that I am…..well see for yourself.

Yes it turns out that I am 68% compatable with the right wing, sectarian knuckledraggers in the Traditional Unionist Voice (TUV) and only 4% compatible with SDLP…and I am actually a member of SDLP.
In fairness this might explain why so many of my SDLP colleagues, especially Headquarters Staff…run the other way when they see me approaching at a Conference.

And it might be the same software that is used by the several online dating sites, which have me on their books. Although I am quite a catch…I keep getting strange bottle blonde women with “LOVE” on the fingers of one hand and “HAT” on the fingers of the other hand.
Of course its not their fault that they only have three fingers on one hand….but they are “hard lukkin tickets”.

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2 Responses to So…I Am Actually A TUV Supporter

  1. hoboroad says:

    I got 86% APNI match the survey is a joke.

    • Its hard to believe that a serious Lobbying company could get involved in this nonsense.
      But maybe its just something that the Belfast Telegraph initiated.
      A Commission is a Commission.

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