Resisting A “Normal” Society

I got an email today. Based on a comment I made on another message board, I am asked the question “Do you even WANT (my emphasis) a normal society?”

Simple Question. Simple Answer.
All so-called progress to a normal society must be resisted.
Norn Iron is a nonsense. A Historical Wrong. Normalising Norn Iron is like putting a tuxedo on a chimpanzee.
Norn Iron is “No Mans Land”.
A Contradiction.
Yes …I like the Peace/Passivity but voting for the Good Friday Agreement implies no more.
Northern Nationalists are “minimalists”….we have no commitment or certainly no affection for Norn Iron.
To strive for a normal society undermines my own belief that Norn Iron is a worthless place.

The best the LetsGetAlongerists can hope for is that I remain a cheerful minimalist. And never become a grumpy minimalist.

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3 Responses to Resisting A “Normal” Society

  1. Political Tourist says:

    NI normal hmmm let me think.
    Not on a month of Sundays or is that never on a Sunday.

  2. Adam says:

    I’ve travelled a bit and NI isn’t that different. Imho

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