The Alliance Party…In My Street!!!!!

I can hardly believe this myself.
I went into the hall last night and discovered the Alliance Party….the Feckin Alliance Party had dropped a leaflet thru my letter-box.
Quite wisely, they did not hang about to engage me on their policies….top most how to get on to a Quango.

But they did leave a questionnaire. And even a Freepost envelope so that I can tell them my concerns….like they are the most undemocratic party in Norn Iron.

I should manage a 2,000 word essay to return to them.

The Alliance Party…in my street!!!! Almost as bad as an Orange Parade. I might have to form a residents committee to ensure they dont come back.

I have lived in this house twenty years and never even seen anyone from the Alliance Party.
They did not even field a candidate in this District Electoral Area.
And at the 2011 Assembly Election, I had to write to the Alliance candidate to tell him that I wouldn’t be voting for him.

So what’s all this about.
Sadly the Alliance Newsletter from our “Alliance Team” omitted to mention that our Local Council Elections are just three months away. But it would be kinda naive to think that Alliance are suddenly taking an interest in our little nationalist village out of the goodness of their letsgetalongerist hearts.

See….with the new Super Councils, our DEA (where no Alliance person has ever been) will be merged with the neighbouring DEA….and it has a sitting Alliance councillor….
Suddenly it all makes sense.

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4 Responses to The Alliance Party…In My Street!!!!!

  1. Wait until NI1921 start bothering you! 😉

  2. Peter Lavery says:

    Hello fitzjameshourse, I am


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