“Blue Bloods” TV Series…And Norn Iron

Great to see a reference to Norn Iron on my favourite “cop” show “Blue Bloods”. The Show features three generations of New York, Irish-American police officers. Tom Sellek plays the Police Commissioner.
Tonight’s episode featured an attack a bomb attack on a New York mosque.
At the Dinner Table, a grandson of the Police Commissioner asks if Catholic Churches are bombed.

“Well lately…in Pakistan, Nigeria….and Northern Ireland” says the Police Commissioner.

Good to see a realistic assessment of Norn Iron in TV Drama.
I dont suppose that the Conflict Resolutionists, LetsGetAlongerists and the Tourist Board like the realistic image.
We must live with the unremitting positive image of Police and Fire Games, Titanic, G8….and the newest nonsense Giro d’Italia (the Tour of Italy cycle race will start in Belfast in May).

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4 Responses to “Blue Bloods” TV Series…And Norn Iron

  1. Political Tourist says:

    Completely off topic FJH, sorry.
    Would your dad have seen Jimmy Jones who died this week, play for Belfast Celtic?

    • Yes.
      My dad supported Celtic but was rarely off work on a Saturday so rarely saw Jimmy Jones play.
      As I recall my father actually took me to a match at. Grosvenor Park (circa 1958) and Jimmy jones was playing for Glenavon.
      There was some kinda charity match around 1960 when Celtic Old Players were playing a team called “Belfast United”. That was at Celtic Park. I remember being at that match. cant recall if Jones was playing.
      Jones was also a racing motorcyclist and around about 1965, I was at the Ulster Grand Prix….it was the year that Dick Creith a privateer from Bushmills won the 500cc race ….anyway Jimmy Jones was one of the local riders in the race.
      I think the bike was a blue (Glenavon?) Norton or Matchless.

  2. boondock says:

    The best thing about blue bloods is obviously Bridget Moynahan

    • She must be 6ft 4….but I take your point.
      Personally I like “Baker”.
      Did you notice in first series she was “Melissa Baker” on Wikipedia? I’m a sad nerd who looks things up.
      Then Garret called her “Abby” in one episode and I thought thats weird. When I replayed it, it is obvious he made a mistake.
      The actress is called “Abigail”
      I should probably get out more.

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