New Fleg?

You can never have enough Flegs. Especially in Bonfire Season.
So a new Fleg for Norn Iron.?
I suspect it will be designed by a Protestant Boy and a Catholic Girl from an Integrated Education-type School.
Alternatively it might be a Catholic Boy and a Protestant Girl.
Thats how these things work.

In fact, the sole purpose of Integrated Education is to supply photogenic children for “feel good” news stories on BBC and UTV.
Also handy for making presentations to Foreign dignatories such as Mrs Windsor, Queen of England.
And a Christmas School Choir….

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8 Responses to New Fleg?

  1. boondock says:

    To be honest I dont mind a new flag about time our golfers could wave something else other than that sectarian rag the Ulster Banner (note to Rory McIlroy – Have you any idea what used to go on in this place? ). As long as the design is simple and not got too many symbols crow barred onto it then Im happy, I would even be happy enough with the simple St Patricks saltire but for FFS under no circumstance should there be some daft crown on it. Nationalists will still have the Tricolour, Unionist will still have the Union flag and your favourite letsgetalongerists will champion the new fleg win win all round lol

  2. FJH, I fear you may be spot on. If SF and the SDLP accept a separate flag for the north-east of Ireland outside of a reunited Ireland then it gives credence to the “two nations” theory of the Neo-Unionist types. It will copper-fasten partition and give credibility to “Northern Ireland nationalism” as espoused in certain NI1921 and APNI circles

    • Its all about Context.
      Can you see it flown at Windsor P ark? Yes but not waved on the terraces.
      Can you see it at Casement Park? No.
      At Ravenhill…home of 9 county Ulster? I fear yes.
      Its the flag for integrated schools, NI21, Alliance….and the type of people who drink over-priced coffee in any one of Belfasts Four Quarters.
      Its the Flag of the Ulster Tatler.
      A flag shorn of Norn Irons worst aspects and replaced by a new 6 county LetsGetAlongerism.
      It wont fly (no pun intended) west of the Bann….but it is the new narrative….
      Whether Sinn Fein and SDLP are about to agree to it because they KNOW its total crap is the issue.
      And thats at the heart of everything post-1998. One sides “interim” measure is another sides “settlement”.

  3. Political Tourist says:

    So is this a change from “let’s ban all flags”.

  4. Glenn S says:

    Fitzjameshorse: I am sure you’re on top of this but just a quick reminder that you need to approve a couple of outstanding posts of mine.

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