Congratulations Glyn Roberts

Glynn or is it Glynn (could not be arsed checking) is a familiar face at Conferences (not just SDLP) that I have attended in the past few years. He is generally to be found in the Exhibition area with his wee stall promoting Independent Retailers.
And now he is appointed to the Parades Commission.
Interesting appointment.
I hope people better resourced than me look up any statements made by the business community in respect of Parades and related issues….
Roberts is seemingly the only person on the new Commission that has been involved in recent party political activity…..Chair of the Alliance Party (2012-13)
By a happy coincidence the outgoing Chair of the Parades Commission is Peter Osborne who was Chair of the Alliance Party in the late 1990s and an Alliance Party councillor in Castlereagh.

How lucky we are to have the Alliance Party who have a supply of public spirited citizens who generously give their time to serve on Quangos.
On a completely unrelated matter….is there a salary for all this?
Congratulations to the other appointees, who also seem to have an enviable track record in community service.
Sometimes we appear too ungrateful.

But the key is whether the new Commission will be more under the control of Theresa Villiers’ people at the Norn Iron Office.
She did seem in rather a hurry to get rid of the outgoing Commission.

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13 Responses to Congratulations Glyn Roberts

  1. hoboroad says:

    50 grand a year for the Chairman according to the Belfast Telegraph. 22 grand for the other members.

      • Glenn S says:

        It certainly a big responsibility and these payments are not out of line.

      • I think Andy Muir is current Chair of Alliance.
        Maybe he will make it three in a row…Chairs of Alliance Party with the talent to earn at least £22,000 of Taxpayer money.
        I think Alliance is to be congratulated on having people of such obvious talent.
        Are you on any Quango yourself Glenn?

      • Glenn S says:

        As I say the rates are not out of line. Whether I am or am not “on” a “quango” as you put it is neither here nor there.

      • Well to be honest, if the discussion is about grossly inflated “salaries” to Quango members …then it probably is “here or there” that a commenter (sic) claiming the salaries are reasonable…is actually a Quangoista.
        Are you by any chance related to Glenn S….the personal assistant of Liberal Democrat MP?

  2. Glenn S says:

    The salaries are not out of line with comparable rates of pay in industry.

    • Really?
      Is there a comparable job in industry”?
      Some people seem to get a lot of full time salaries added up from a lot of part time sinecures.
      Isnt it a wonderful coincidence that two successive Parades Commissions have former Chairs of Alliance Party?
      As a betting man would it be worthwhile putting a wee bet on Andy Muir for the next Commission.?
      Or like your own “maybe I am.maybe Im not” membership of a Quango, is there any obvious qualities that you have to be on a Quango?

      • Glenn S says:

        First of all these are not sinecures at all; real expertise, real work, real value added.

        Second, the posts are competitive, so its a case of the best person for the job.

        Finally, yes, you do need outstanding qualities to be of service in this way. Many of these people do not personally seek these positions but take them on reluctantly, having been persuaded by others that this is the best way to be of help to the broader society.

      • What a remarkable coincidence that two Chairs of the Alliance Party have these skills.

      • Glenn S says:

        It’s not that surprising. To be party chair requires strong qualities.

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