How Journalism Works?

So the Phone Hacking Trial started last week. A couple of journos have already decided to plead guilty.
But interestingly the Trial revealed today that the two star defendants Rebekkah Brooks and Andy Coulson were having an affair for six years.
That would be two editors on Rupert Murdochs tabloid empire…Brooks ( The Sun and News of the World) and Coulson (News of the World). Coulson of course was press secretary to David Cameron in Opposition AND in Government.
That would be the same Rebekkah who likes to go riding (no sniggering please) with David Cameron.
Luckily David was not in the position of knowing that his Press Secretary (surely vetted by Security) and his riding companion (seriously stop sniggering) were lovers.
Worse none of the journalists at News International knew that their bosses were having an affair. Or maybe they did know and showed remarkable restraint in knowing about the goings on of public figures….and not spreading it all over their sleazy little tabloids.
On the other hand, thats TWO stories they actually missed because no journalist at News International seems to have noticed that there was a scandal involving Phone Hacking going on in their own newsroom.
Nor does any journalist in any other newspaper or broadcasting organisation seem to have noticed this juicy story.
Maybe Dog doesn’t eat Dog.
But if Brooks was a minor actress in “Eastenders” or Coulson was a midfielder for Chelsea…then would they have been fair game for the News International newsroom.

Journalists are squealing about the new “Royal” Charter designed to …as journalists put it….putting them under the control of Politicians.
Nonsense of course.
Journalists have (as Leveson reports)they exceeded Decency to reveal secrets and they protect their own secrets.
Meanwhile yet another BBC man jailed today for Sex Offences. Twenty Two years.

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3 Responses to How Journalism Works?

  1. Just Wondering says:

    Just goes to show – the obsession with sex wasn’t merely professional.
    As an aside, I wonder how many “country suppers” (copyright D.Cameron) have Ms Brooks and the PM done.

  2. Are you sure about this? – only I have not heard anything about it

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