#15 Years On

I cant believe that I have headlined a post with a hashtag.
Thoroughly Modern Me.

But yesterday I noticed the hashtag…#15yearson appear on Twitter. Seemingly there was a big pow-wow at Dublin Castle yesterday, where anyone who thinks they are anyone gathered to discuss The Good Friday Agreement.
And I see that today Richard Haass has gone to Dublin, where he will meet the Irish Government. That seems reasonable.
But he will also meet a new “Peace Group” called “15 Years On”.
I googled them. Cant find anything about membership.

So who are they? On the face it, the last thing we need is one more Peace Group with that sense of ENTITLEMENT that gives them access to Governments etc.
Does Platform for Change have this access.
Is “15 Years On” engaged in a turf war with Platform for Change to be the most prominent Overclass bunch of ambitious academics and quango careerists on the LetsGetAlongerist Street.
Has Platform for Change failed to get out of its South Belfast Ghetto?
Is the LetsGetAlongerist so called-centre ground fragmented and now looking just a bit too crowded to be effective?
We have already seen NI21 launch as a challenge to the undemocratic Alliance Party….and the Greens and Conservatives are nibbling there. Ian Parsley for example has trouble working out if he is a Conservative or Alliance and other people are floating around between Labour NI and Green.
But does the fact that PFC are confined to the margins account for the self-righteous hissy fits we see?

Speaking for myself, I would like to meet Richard Haass. I dont have anything that I want to say to him. But I want to pose for a photograph to put on Facebook. And I would like to add meeting Richard Haass to my unimpressive CV and maybe even sign up to LinkedIn.
At the moment I am an amateur poser but given the right encouragement I could be as professional poser as the folks in Platform for Change.

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