Terror Tourism

Strange thing on BBC News this evening.
For years I have been pointing out that the Norn Iron Tourist Board is peddling a load of nonsense about the Giants Causeway, Dunluce Castle, Titanic and telling anyone that will listen that Belfast is a cool destination.

Well I suppose it is…especially if you like annual doses of Hatred such as Orange Fest…the fancy name for the Twelfth.
So while bonfires burn the national Flags of Ireland, Poland, Vatican, Palestine, some Catholic religious statues, Celtic FC shirts…the Tourist Board, politicians and compliant journalists will usually ignore it. This Hatred does not fit the letsgetalongerist narrative.

But BBC Norn Iron seemed to break ranks tonight. Fascinating interview with an American (Canadian?) backpacker, who had come to Belfast to see a bonfire with the Pope on top of it.

So thats ok then.
Welcome to Belfast.

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