Double Standards?….On Slugger?

I am indebted to the BBC and indeed Sheldon on Slugger O’Toole for telling me that a Mr Harry Fitzsimmons, who served ten years in prison for fire-bombing a Belfast hotel…has been arrested in the African republic of Senegal.

I am also indebted that Slugger O’Toole ran a thread a few months ago pointing up that the neice of Sinn Fein MP , Conor Murphyhad been jailed in London for Fraud.

Rather oddly the imprisonment of Davey Tweed, a TUV councillor on child abuse charges and the imprisonment of a Mr Smyth a DUP candidate in 2011 for petrol-bombing was somehow over-looked on Slugger O’Toole. Thats not like them. So a bit of an oversight.

So we must also consider it an oversight that Slugger O’Toole has missed the story (I am indebted to the Sunday World) that a UUP candidate in the Belfast Council elections in 2011 has been found guilty of assulting his “lesbian sister” (as the seedy tabloid puts it).

Normally I would say that this is a sad family tragedy and I dont feel I should name the individual but bearing in mind that the convicted man’s political party has a very judgemental attitude towards Equal Marriage, then I think it is relevant to point up the connexion. Seemingly the victim has announced her intention to marry her partner of some years. Would that maybe…in Slugger terms…make it in the public interest. Or maybe Slugger would take a different view if the “wannabe politician” unkindly puts it is or has been an advisor to a MLA…hmmm no that cant be it.

Nor can it be that the convicted person is friends with so many people associated with the message board, Slugger O’ Toole.

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