Belfast Mystery Tour

Bus1 Yesterday photographs started appearing on Facebook. Posted by folks who were in Belfast and saw one ofthose open top buses used for tours of the City. Seemingly taken over by flegs protestors. So welcome to Belfast then.

So last night I expected something to be on the BBC and UTV News. Or on their websites. Or on Internet message boards.  But…no. Yet on BBC News today, we were treated to two good news stories about Norn Iron. Up in Derry there is aweekend-long free concert. And in Belfast, there is something called the Titanic Maritime Festival. No mention of the fleg protestors.

I walked down to the local shop today and bought the “Sunday World” (at enormous personal expense of £1.40). And the picture (above) is the only reference to the incident. But which is the REAL Norn Iron?

City of Culture and Titanic narratives are artificial. Alas the fleg protestors are all too authentic. But that is no reason for them to be airbrushed out of the News agenda.

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8 Responses to Belfast Mystery Tour

  1. hoboroad says:

    The daughter of one Brian Walker is a producer of the BBC free concert. I was wondering could you do a blog post on nepotism at the BBC? There does seem to be a keep it all in the family vibe at the Corporation.

    • Funnily enough I have often thought of doing just that.
      The problem is that I just dont know enough.
      The number of times I have switched on the News and wondered if the reporter/ newsreader was related to an older hack.
      It was once explained to me that there are “journalist” families who are often linked to local newspaper ownership and working in the family businessgives them an entree into the wider field.
      Personally Id love to get my hands on a list of BBC and UTV people who are members of the Orange Order and the Freemasons. The Belfast Press Lodge of the masons recently wound up.
      But I might actually do a Blog on NETWORKING….which is a not a skill that I have in my “portfolio of skills”
      Particuarly interested in the Networking of the Digital Age.
      About three months ago I deleted my Twitter account.
      Not a big fan of Twitter.
      But on Friday night at the SDLP Conference in Rostrevor, there was a big emphasis on Twitter although the internet connexion at the venue could not cope.
      But I actually re-joined Twitter about ten minutes ago….to see how it would be second time around.
      But its 3am here and the ipad is handy for sitting up in bed when I cant sleep. But not great for a sensible Blog.
      But tomorrow, I might try and compose a few thoughts on Networking.

  2. Political Tourist says:

    What next, Freemasons running the universities.
    Anywhere you get large numbers of members of the reformed church, as night follows day, then freemasonry will right at the heart of that community.
    Who could forget the “Masonic Watchtower” on Derry’s Walls.

  3. “The open top bus they are pictured on here is normally used by foreign sightseers”

    By the look of the photo it still is… AHEM 😉

  4. RJC says:

    As far as them being airbrushed out of the news agenda is it not better to ‘starve them of the oxygen of publicity’ as Maggie once put it? The fleg protestors represent nobody but themselves, and their numbers are thinning out as the year goes on. Can’t we just ignore them and hope they go away?

    • I think they DO represent a significant body of opinion.
      And just because they are inarticulate knuckledraggers is no reason to ignore them. On the contrary, the agenda set by the Overclass and LetsGetAlongerists in our local media needs to be challenged.
      TheBeeb thought the same about Civil Rights andnationalists in the 1960s when they slavishly followed the Stormont agenda.
      Different regime on theHill. Different narrative…but the Beeb and the rest dont challenge it.
      Its all city of culture in “Derry-Londonderry” and Titanic and Rory McIlroy.

  5. Political Tourist says:

    So the open top bus was organized by a wired to moon group from Scotland called Regimental Blues.
    The thought of staying at home and watching the Celtic v Hibernian Scottish Cup Final must have broke their little hearts.
    So let’s get a whip round going and pay a visit to Belfast.

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