The “Mad Swivel-Eyed Loons”

Seemingly one of David Cameron’s key advisors has described Conservative Party activists as “mad swivel-eyed” loons. Although not attributed to any individual, one leading advisor has gone public to say it wasnt him.

Mad swivel-eyed loons? Tory Grassroots? Hmmmm. Not for me to comment of course but yesterday at Downing Street, four Conservative Party activists with a seeming collective age of five hundred…handed in a petition calling on Cameron to think again on “gay marriage” (sic).

Meanwhile last week, Nigel Farage the stereotypical Englishman who leads UKIP….visited Edinburgh in Scotland and while having his usual pint of Guinness in an Edinburgh bar was abused by Scottish people, shouting anti-British insults. Oh dear. Nigel had to be rescued by PC McPlod and taken away in a police van.

Nigel said …without irony …that his Scottish tormenters were “fascist scum”. So NOT mad swivel-eyed loons. Yet we do have fascist scum here…the kinda fleg protesting people who riot against democratic decisions at Belfast City Hall and fire-bomb offices of the Alliance Party and attack the homes of Alliance Party members. Does Nigel have a policy on flegs?

Paolo Di Canio…Sunderland football coach…recently appointed. Swivel-eyed loon or just a passionate man in the Italian tradition? He has been called a fascist. The Italians have some history in that regard but not entirely lazy stereotyping as Di Canio has an unfortunate habit of making fascist salutes and attending fascist funerals.

Normally not my type of person. Yet this weekend, Di Canio dropped one of his Sunderland players and expressed outrage that the player had been photographed lying on a casino floor covered in £50 notes.

Premiership Footballers. The tabloid stereotype. But for every blameless decent player like Paul Scholes (Manchester United) and Jamie Carragher (Liverpool) who ended their careers yesterday, there seems to a nasty piece of work who wants to burn £20 notes in front of homeless people or minimum wage staff in a fancy restaurant.

So fair play to alleged fascist and alleged swivel-eyed loon Paolo Di Canio for being so outraged and outspoken.

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4 Responses to The “Mad Swivel-Eyed Loons”

  1. hoboroad says:

    The Scottish people would be more likely to back independence if they think there’s a danger of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union a new panelbase opinion poll showed yesterday.

    The poll showed that 44% are against breaking up the United Kingdom, with 36% in favour.

    But when asked how they’d vote if a UK withdrawal from the European Union looked likely, the results were tied at 44 per cent each.

  2. Cyclists are a pain in the ass – got my vote straight away

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