Name That McUnionist!

Heres a thought.

Who will be joining the new McUnionist Party? Any names come to mind? I doubt that many of my readers will be signing up. Alan as General Secretary? Mick as Press Officer? Quintin?

So heres the thing. Will any sincere good- hearted liberal unionists, public figures but not currently involved in politics actually sign up? Or Conflict Resolutionists? LetsGetAlongerists? And the Overclass?

I have names in mind. So do you. Should we publicly speculate?  Or should we just write names on a piece of paper and put them ina sealed envelope and when all is revealed at the McUnionist Launch, we can all say I told you so.

The Internet alternative is to send me an email at….and I will hold them until the Big Launch.

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22 Responses to Name That McUnionist!

  1. hoboroad says:

    Basil’s wee mate of YouTube fame Alex Redpath won’t be joining. He has even changed his name on Twitter.

  2. hoboroad says:

    I think so there’s another guy on Twitter always agreeing with Basil. Don’t know his name but he looks like Jesus. Blonde hair and a beard.You might have seen him standing behind Basil when Basil was up in front of the UUP disiplinary committee.

  3. bangordub says:

    Very good Hobo !

  4. Yer subconscious is running riot, again FJH…

  5. I’m guessing “I Can’t Believe They’re Not Unionists” is too obvious?

  6. Fear Feirsteach says:

    Has anyone actually said they are joining Basil and John yet – anyone at all?

    • No…but the thing is that Basil and John are certainly issuing a challenge to “get up off your backsides”.
      But who exactly is that aimed at?
      Id say its not the “man or woman in the street” but rather the people on the blogosphere and twittersphere and in the metrotextual heart of South Belfast where the OVERCLASS sit around at meetings of (for example) Platform for Change and cry into their cappuchinos about the absence of Real Politics…as they like to call it.
      These people may not know how to fill in a Disability Living Allowance Claim form for a potentia constituent but they certainly know what an “audioboo” is.
      They wont get their hands dirty …they will continue to blog and think they are “involved”.

      • Fear Feirsteach says:

        “Basil and John are certainly issuing a challenge to “get up off your backsides”.
        But who exactly is that aimed at?”

        Heh, heh. You have listed the usual suspects. They’ll pretend to cheer on Basil and John from the sidelines.

  7. bangordub says:

    Much better layout in my humble opinion Mr Fitz

  8. bangordub says:

    Sammy is an expert on the “Croppy” thing. I can tell you lot’s about the “Croppy Acre” at Collins Barracks and there is talk among loyalists about “Croppy’s” getting a good nights rest as I recall. Any help?

  9. boondock says:

    No names mentioned as yet so let me have a go

    McClarty looked likely but has said no
    Ringland has already jumped to the Tories
    Bradshaw, Hamilton and Parsley (via Tory) are already at the Alliance party
    McCauley is a likely candidate but not sure where she is these days maybe even a Tory for all I know.
    The point is the likely candidates for McUnionists have already made their move so Im struggling to think of anyone else who may join them.. Nesbitt a couple of years ago would have been a candidate but then something happened and he decided the best way forward was to out orange TUV lol

    • I actually think the Defectors jumped too soon….OR…..the McUnionists jumped too late.
      The UNCFUUPNF whatever disintegrated after Westminster 2010 and are amusingly dispersed in so called middle ground parties.
      But its a bit like the Womens Coalition in 1998….they arguably strengthened the middle ground vote….but the Alliance Party lost ground.
      As their entire strategy was built around minimal Assembly gains to get maximum Executive seats….with the financial clout from Rowntree of course.
      I suspect some influential hurlers on the ditch are worried.
      Best for the ALliance Party if there was some kinda facilitation.

      As to names….it is a challenge to the chattering classes, academics, bloggers and various vol au vent consumers in the Long Gallery at Stormont.
      I have already received emails from readers offering up names.

  10. hoboroad says:

    Lady Hermon what about her. Hope it’s not just John and Basil. They have to pull something out of the hat.

    • Oh I think they will pull a few rabbits…possibly even Catholic rabbits out of the hat.
      Its been done before of course. There was a Catholic student at Queens University in the 1960s and of course when the Big Launch actually happens there will be some cheering on a local website that a unicorn has been spotted.
      whether Sylvia joins…or Alan McFarland joins….is one thing.
      But wherther the chattering classes …vaguely on the fringe of politics actually sign up….thats the difference.

  11. hoboroad says:

    Still it’s funny how all the press leaks in the UUP have stopped since Basil and John left.

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