Czar Of Russia Merchandising Range

image Owing to the world-wide success of “Keeping An Eye on the Czar of Russia”, I am now a global brand. The first item available to fans is appropriately a mouse pad. These will soon be available in all branches of Tesco (and mail order thru Tesco Extra). An American distributor will be announced shortly.

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14 Responses to Czar Of Russia Merchandising Range

  1. bangordub says:

    Oh. My God. Tell me you are joking?

  2. MPG ..... says:

    It wont be long till you make the first million! I’ll be up for the party.

  3. bangordub says:

    As long as it’s not an SDLP thing although I had a bad thought. SDLP “The Facts”

  4. Is Fitzjames Horse destined to become the Ché Guevara pop icon of the early 21st century, adorning every student’s bedroom? 😉

    Here’s a link on some Jacobin ruminations I thought you might enjoy.

    • Yes I did enjoy that…I am now officially persona non grata in Jacobite circles. A cross I bear with fortitude.
      The SNP folk that I have met in and around Inverness and Oban are old fashioned nationalists. A friend still recalls when she sat on the lap of the legendary Compton Mackenzie…old fashioned in the sense their nationalism is in the dna.
      They despise the shortbread tin jacobites.
      And the tweedy weirdos legitimaists.
      As a general rule they are republican.
      The Bonnie Prince …the rapist and serial abuser of women (oddly the tweedy ones dont like me to mention that)….his last instruction sent to the Highlanders who gathered at the pre-arranged rendezvous at Ruthven was to “look to themselves”
      In other words he abandoned them and when the message was delivered Charlie was already on the run.
      My Highland “Jacobite” friends take this literally…they look to themselves and I think thats what Jacobins and Republicans did.

      I like the idea of FJH posters decorating student bedrooms. I am…in my own way…inspirational.
      To be doubly inspirational, I will produce a poster of my good self scratching my arse while playing tennis. Inspirational indeed.

  5. Political Tourist says:

    Nationalism in their DNA.
    Hmmm, from a party that didn’t start till 1934 and then took 40 years to become mainstream.
    That leaves me thinking, who did these guys vote pre SNP.

    • Yes Nationalism in their DNA.
      There was always a rump of self-styled Jacobites who were downright awkward with Society.
      long before 1934.
      There was an anti conscription movement in both world wars.
      Yet it remains a good question.
      Why is nationalism old fashioned in Ireland and modern in Scotland.
      Conflict Resolution???
      The massacres after 1746′ clearances and highland regiments commanded by fuedal lairds and industrial revolution all impacted. Scotland was more docile. Was the Irish Famine the point of no return for Ireland…or even Catholic Emancipation <Catholicism ws very much a minority religion confined to the Highlands)
      Or was it the landlord system in Ireland was different from the chieftain system in Scotland?
      Or did the Act of Union with Scotland just have 100 years advantage in legitimacy.?

  6. Political Tourist says:

    Or did a certain class in Scotland do very well out of the British Empire.
    The history of the SNP, an amalgamation of two smaller parties into one less smaller party in 1934 might point to events across the North Channel.
    Ireland not getting one parliament but two parliaments.
    The two smaller party, the SNPs parents, might well show the fault lines that still bedevil the SNP today.
    This uneasy coalition of left and right wingers, monarchists and republicans etc etc.
    I’ve never personally met a Jacobite but anything goes in the backwards of Scottish politics.

  7. Political Tourist says:

    30 years ago a group of young and not so young activists in the Scottish section of British Labour Party (sister party of the SDLP) organized themselves into a group called Scottish Labour Action to fight for a Home Rule parliament in Edinburgh.
    Everything that followed stems from those people.

  8. pippakin says:

    Recognised him immediately.

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