Sexual Abuse Is An Issue For Us All

Its long been my belief that crimes against women…rape, sexual abuse, domestic violence …are and should be an issue for MEN. I base this on the rather obvious truth that if one fifth of all women suffer this crime, then all men must be close to at least one abused woman….grandmother, mother, sister, spouse, daughter, cousin etc.

Good to see that on his blog, Ian James Parsley (formerly of Alliance, formerly of UNFCPUNPCU or whatever and Alliance again), the politician, businessman and linguist has shown that he also holds this view.

This is actually something which should energise ALL MEN.

If you are a blogger, I urge you to carry this message.

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11 Responses to Sexual Abuse Is An Issue For Us All

  1. hoboroad says:

    It’s a pity the National Rifle Association cannot get behind this campaign against the abuse of women.

  2. What can one say about Barbara Hewson’s vile comments? Well, it did remind me of that campaign by some champagne Charlies in the 70’s (I m,etioned it here or elsewhere a while back) to legitmise sexual abuse of children.

    The causes of abuse vary, from intra familial experience (the abused becoming an abuser) to power, akin to a common motive for rape.

    I went out with a girl from Abbey Leix, county Laois, some years ago and when I talked to her friends, they’d recount how they light heartedly would joke about a local priest that everyone knew to avoid. In my old area, there was a guy who we all knew to avoid, with a strange fondness for watching boys playing football. Neither those in Laois nor us in St. James’ were vunrerable, thankfully, but in cases such as in Ards and Rochdale, ready victims were available.

    Someone did a great tweet commenting on the hypocrisy of the BBC commenting on the clerical sex abuse scandal. You may say that the BBC did not know but it’s abundantly clear that they did know but chose to do nothing, a la Esther Rantzen etc.

    Now my mind turns to the clacissist justification, the straw grabbed by David Norris or the more modern version of the justification, promoted by people like Peter Tatchel in the form of inverting juvenile sexual fantasies. In the modern varient, my crush on my P4 teacher means that it would have been ok for her to have had sexual relations with me. Of course, she was equipped with a more developed mind and values than my 8 year old self and that’s the point that buries Hewson’s disgusting comments

    • Im working on a 1960s blog.

      • Can you recall that group of toffs who wanted to legalise child abuse?

      • I think you might be thinking of Anthony Blunt, the curator of Mrs Windsors paintings.
        He got away with betraying British agents to the Russians, which says a lot about the power he wielded.
        maybe he knew too much to be prosecuted.
        I think that posh people …. a minority of homosexuals invoke the whole ancient Greek or Renaissance thing that “love” between an adult man and a boy is something beautiful.There was a cult of The Boy in late Victorian times.
        Indeed thats not confined to homosexuals. All paedophiles are somehow convinced they are “loving” their boy and girl victims.
        I think there is a particular problem with homosexual paedophiles because ALL homosexuality was shamefully illegal before the mid 1960s…so there was a culture of both illegality and secrecy. A problem also arises with differences in age of consent for heterosexuality and homosexuality…

        there was also an internet campaign to promote a reduction of age of consent …but this was really a cover for a paedophile ring and effectively closed down.

    • A priest in St Johns…near you at StJames the 1970s was revealed to be a very dangerous paedophile in the 1990s and has been in and out of prison.
      In the 1970s he looked a rather harmless figure.
      One of the things I recall about him…actually the only thing…is that in a homily he talked about visiting a home in the parish and how nice it was to hear some young children watching TV and singing the Unipart (car spare parts” advert ….”millions of parts for hundreds of cars” which bizarrely he sang on the altar.
      Thats really the only thing I remember about him.

  3. hoboroad says:

    Do you remember Lord Longford’s investigation into pornography in the early 1970s.It was conducted by his Lordship and Cliff Richard as well as future Tory Mp Giles Brandreth and Jimmy Savile and some Bishop. I hope none of those involved were corrupted by what they saw.

  4. The culture still exists in Italy (other countries too, I’m sure) where otherwise straight, often married, men have sexual relations with boys. I know form my travels in Asia that there’s a particular problem with French men looking for very young girls. I’ve had many a Thai tell me of stories where French men have been told to fek off and head up to Cambodia, where they are, regretfully, satisfied.

    I don’t recall that priest in St James’ but there was a brother who taught at my school who abused 2 guys that I know. I do a very dark joke about that but I’ll keep it off your blog.

    • Im surprised that you dont recall the priest from St Johns. Although he was only there a comparatively short time and is more often associated with another church St Pauls. Possibly before your time.
      if you recall the time St Johns was being rebuilt and Sunday Mass was said at St Louises Assembly Hall and weekday Mass was said in a portakabin type thing at the side of the Church.
      This priest generally said the evening weekday Mass…Monday to Friday.
      When I first went to live in the Whiterock-Springfield area, Corpus Christi Church was not finished and Ballymurphy, Dermott Hill, New Barnsley was at that stage part of the St Johns Parish.
      The priests from St Johns served Corpus Christi until the latter became a parish in its own right.

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