IPSOS Survey

So this is a bit awkward.

A Telephone Opinion Poll:

What council area do you live in? Well that was easy. Lets have question #2.

And your age? 60… Next question. This is going well.

Im sorry sir…we have already our quota of over 55s in your council area.

Well damn….but just for the record. SDLP number one. Sinn Fein number two. Dont even mention Alliance in my presence.

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5 Responses to IPSOS Survey

  1. hoboroad says:

    Did they happen to mention on who’s behalf the survey was being conducted? The only time I have been surveyed was on behalf of UKIP a couple of days after the last European Election.

    • No…at the end of it, he said I could find out more by talking to his Supervisor But I didnt take him up on it. To be honest Mrs FJH was laughing her head off I blog my opinions and not even opinion pollsters are interested.
      Its hilarious.

  2. factual says:

    “SDLP number one. Sinn Fein number two.”

    I am glad they didn’t poll you given this set of prefs. .

  3. hoboroad says:

    Nate Silver the American pollster wunderkid was on Channel 4 News last night talking about his profession. He of course got the last Presidential Election just right much to the annoyance of all the Republican Pollsters and Fox News. He says the reason he can be so accurate is there are hundreds of different opinion polls commissioned so he can mine the right data from them. So much better than over here when one opinion poll or survey comes out and is taken as Gospel truth.

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