Karma Is A Bitch

I see on another message board, another thread (from the usual source) celebrating that another relative of a high-profile Sinn Fein person has been found guilty of something.

I am not exactly sure of the relevance. After all the same individual did not draw attention to the jailing of a DUP politician for fire-bombing of a house.

Karma is a bit of a bitch so I would certainly hope that nobody would take any pleasure in the jailing of a member of the family of the individual, who so obviously delights in the misfortune of others.

Even for a wind-up merchant it is a foolish game to play. After all I am pretty sure that the Bible says something about “not being my brothers keeper”. Or is it “brother-in-law”?

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23 Responses to Karma Is A Bitch

  1. Sir Ike Broflovski says:

    What an elegant place to visit FJH! Lovely.

  2. Massive improvement… Good call Mrs FJH!!

    • Thank you Mick.
      Indeed chosen by Mrs FJH.
      But isnt it the same as Bangor Dubs??

      I miss my horses.

      • Sir Ike Broflovski says:

        I’m not sure that’s a bad thing FJH. It gives your SDLP orientated blogs a family feel. You’ve built, along with FC and others a sort of on-line common room with a sensibly moderated conversational feel rather than Slugger’s sometimes noisy plenary session. Maybe there’s a way for you to inter-link your pages. Can you show other blogs’ new post headlines in wordpress?

      • In fairness to Slugger, it provides for a wider conversation.
        Ive always considered that it has an agenda within the wider conversation…an editorial stance if you like.
        I also have an editorial stance…gene pool SDLP and pan-nationalist and I think the conversation is conducted within those boundaries so there is more teasing out of positions than confrontation.
        I think this is a BLOG in the truest sense. A diary…ajournal which almost accidently became inter-active.
        And to an extent being inter-active with a core group of commenters changed the nature of the Blog. For the better. But hopefully only slightly.
        Th age thing…yes for me politics or at least an awarenes of it came around age 11 and I think thats the advantage and disadvantage in blogging. That I have a wider “filing cabinet” of references and precedents. Nothing is really new. We might as well be living in the Terence O’ Neill years.
        As a technophobe, I am not good with links and ping backs and other stuff.
        Perhaps now that MrBangorDub and myself are literally on the same page/template he might give me some tips.
        There is a certain irony that later in the year, I might have to curtail my online activity and maybe that can be co-ordinated better.

      • bangordub says:

        Mr Fitz,
        It is indeed the same theme as my corner of the web but the good news is that you can retain your horses 😉
        I’ll e-mail you instructions

      • I will need a new photograph.

      • Thanks for the kind words SIB! I’ll be working on moving a few things around on the blog (I’m keeping the colour and type face tho!!!).

        Oh and SIB, btw, I was looking to drop you an email about something if that’s ok?

      • Sir Ike Broflovski says:

        Of course it is FC. How do I send you my e-mail address?

      • SIB, I have it from when you posted on the site, I’ll drop you a line sure.

        Thanks, FC

  3. We also had the conviction of a unionist politician for prolonged criminality on 2 youg victims. The man is still supported by his party leader and yet little has been made of this as a cynical ploy.

    • Mick Fealty says:

      Who was that Paul… Btw, we did consider running with the DUP candidate story, but the judge accepted there were mitigating mental health problems dring the behaviour…

      Unless there’s an overriding public interest to it, that isn’t a place we generally go…

  4. hoboroad says:

    Got to admit the site revamp looks good very much in the mould of a certain Gold Coast based Blogger.

  5. The Fitjames Horse does not leave the field – for stuart aye

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